PLEASE JOIN THIS ? Call to End Destructive, Divisive Campaigns Against Fellow Activists

By: Gilad Atzmon
While Palestinians are being killed, imprisoned, and oppressed, it is unconscionable to spend time on campaigns against committed, principled, longtime activists within our movement.
We are deeply disturbed to see people working to get author events for extremely valuable books cancelled, courageous individuals of indisputable principle and courage ejected from a flotilla boat, and others with long records of pro-justice activism denounced.
We do not wish to take part in this acrimonious argument or to take “sides.” We are all, we believe, on the same side: the cause of justice and the end of racism and oppression.
It is time for these energy-absorbing, time-wasting, and self-destructive accusations to stop, and for us all to focus our full time and energy on our crucial work.
We call on anyone and everyone who is committed to working for justice in Palestine and to ending the continual violence and tragedy, to desist from these attacks and focus on our urgent life and death work.
If you agree, please sign this and send it on to others.  People of all ethnicities, races, religions, and nationalities are invited to join.

One thought on “PLEASE JOIN THIS ? Call to End Destructive, Divisive Campaigns Against Fellow Activists

  1. Why is it that We, the American people who believe that all men are created equal are alowing the government to suport a raicest nation and encoraging them to be so? Is it that we Christians are eager to bring about the end of the world so as to force Jesus to return? Shame on us! Shame on us!

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