Dear All
Let the Games begin – join our day of action
Today as the opening ceremony kicks off the London 2012 Games, workers making goods for the official sportswear partner Adidas still face poverty wages, appalling working conditions and are denied their basic rights.
Despite thousands of people writing to Adidas’ CEO, he is still refusing to make basic commitments to tackle worker exploitation like ensuring all workers are paid a living wage.So we need you to join a nationwide day of action  targeting Adidas.
Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer is in London for the Olympics and he’s been telling journalists how important the Games are for the Adidas brand. He’s not been getting an easy ride though; he’s been challenged over workers’ pay. Rather than promising to tackle low pay he said “we are not in the welfare business. Our job is to make a profit.”
Adidas are simply not taking these appalling abuses of workers’ rights seriously. They seem to think exploiting workers to fuel their profits is fine.
To get Adidas to take this seriously, we need you to join a day of action outside Adidas stores on Saturday 4 August.
An action is already being organised in London, and there are more Adidas shops in towns and cities across the UK.
Adidas are refusing to take the exploitation of thousands of workers seriously. Now is the time to step up the pressure while Adidas are in the Olympic spotlight and demand that Adidas takes action.
Thank you,
Murray Worthy
Sweatshops campaigner
PS. If you would rather not take part in the high street actions, please email Adidas CEO to demand they stop exploiting workers and share the action with everyone you know
Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer made his comments in an interview with the Independent

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