Pinkos Invade Last Male Bastion, Football


left, Football player in his little pink booties 
Can you imagine female soccer players wearing black armbands to “raise awareness” of testicular cancer? Getting tearful about their fathers and brothers? 

The Illuminati always have a plausible excuse to obscure their real agenda. For example, the hooked horns sign of the Texas Longhorns has thousands of dupes making the sign of Baphomet.  Now they use women’s suffering as an excuse to feminize men. 

This has become an annual insult.  I will not watch these games.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
This weekend, Canadian Football League players have been wearing pink ankle tape and armbands to “raise awareness” of breast cancer. Coaches have been wearing pink caps. The same thing has happened before in the NFL.
(Blue Bomber coach Tim Burke today.) 

Originally, my hometown team (above) was going to wear pink jerseys. I was dreading that.
Players have appeared in commercials telling stories of the women in their lives who have fought off or succumbed to this horrible disease.
My mother died of breast cancer in 1983. I love and miss her but I don’t think this kind of “promotion” has any place in football.
First off, cancer is a Rockefeller-New World Order disease. If they didn’t invent it, they have made it a lucrative industry by suppressing the cure and dunning us for money every year.
The Illuminati have been using “charities” to fund their takeover for a century. The Rockefeller Foundation has subverted society as a “tax exempt” foundation.
Second, asking male athletes to wear pink is emasculating. It is insulting to the athletes and their fans.
Luciferians use breast cancer as a flimsy pretext to invade this last bastion of masculinity. (They never tell you their real motive.) Keep this in context – they aremainstreaming homosexuality. (Channel surfing today, I heard a CNN commentator say, in reference to this story, boys kissing boys on stage “will be commonplace” in 10 years.)
(White House turns pink for October, cancer awareness month.  October is also “gay lesbian etc, history month” and “Pride parades” and ‘National Coming Out Day’ – October 11)  
Third, I like football because the games are not fixed like almost everything else. Most games are hard fought and come down to the wire. Similarly, unlike the mass media in general, sports coverage is honest.
Fourth, I watch football because it is a meritocracy.
Coaches and players are chosen for their performance alone, and not for their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This is the way society should be.
If you don’t perform, you’re gone. There are no quotas, favoritism or affirmative action (except for a few Canadians who definitely make the cut.)
In the Canadian Football League, most of the players are Americans. Many are Black. Each week they provide an awesome display of athletic prowess. The best quarterback is Latino. One of the best coaches is Black. They are chosen on their merits unlike women who often get special treatment.
left. Tom Brady’s pink booties)
Black or White, these men do a job. They are good athletes and give it their best. I cheer for them all. I like them all.
That’s why I hate seeing proud men being forced to don pink and think about women.
Everywhere on TV, I see women. Football is one place I don’ t see women. I like that.
What’s next? Will football players be required to wear rainbow colors to “raise awareness” of bullying of homosexuals? Because I know they won’t be “raising awareness” of the 3000-plus Americans betrayed by their country on 9-11.
Can we keep political correctness out of football? It’s a man’s last refuge.
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First Comment from Jim:

Pink has invaded nearly everything. In my town we have an annual rodeo. It is an event so huge that they close the schools for most of the week.  It’s a week-long event and one of those days is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. It’s called the “Are you tough enough to wear pink” day. 
And it’s sponsored by Wrangler clothing. Go figure.

As much as I enjoy the rodeo it’s something I refuse to participate in because as you said, it emasculates men and in this instance, the cowboys. It’s difficult to watch.
I’ve spoken with a couple of the cowboys about this. They just roll their eyes. There is a lot of pressure on them to conform.

I’ve attached a picture in which you can see most of the crowd and a cowboy wearing pink.

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