PFLP: The arrest of the leaders of our people will not stop the struggle



The arrest of the leaders of the Palestinian people will not stop our struggle for liberation and return, for which thousands of Palestinians have given their lives, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, noting that the occupation prisons have held its finest leaders and cadres throughout the history of the Front.

Zionist occupation forces arrested Comrade Abdel-Alim Da’na, a prominent and historical leader of the Front, in an early-morning raid on his home amid a series of raids and arrests of dozens of youths in al-Khalil on November 27; this comes within the framework of continued and escalating aggression against our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and occupied Palestine ’48. The occupation will fail to achieve its objectives and we will continue our march of struggle until our land is freed from every soldier and settler.

The Front praised the legendary steadfastness of Comrade Da’na, who spent 17 years in the occupation prisons and has been a model for our comrades in his determination, both in his national role as a political leader and within the interrogation rooms, where he was held dozens of times during his youth, refusing to confess to the occupier’s interrogators.


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