PFLP salutes the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people in Britain


Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

 House of Commons vote needs meaningful action in order to render it more than symbolic

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine praised the growth and escalation of the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people in Britain, including the growth of the boycott movement, the large and increasing trade union support for Palestine, and the popular pressure on the British government to change its policy of adherence and support for the Zionist entity.

The Front considers that the vote in the House of Commons, which calls for the British government to recognize Palestine as a state, reflects the growing weight and power of the solidarity movement in Britain. However, the vote itself is, on the part of the British state, at best merely symbolic and lacking in meaningful action to change the situation in Palestine.

Britain as a colonial power is directly responsible for the historical injustice suffered by the Palestinian people, through its major historical crime of the colonization of Palestine and the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine. To this day, Britain continues to provide political, military and financial support for the Zionist entity and provides cover for its crimes in international forums.

The Front pointed out that the parliamentary vote came in response to the escalating popular movement of rejection of the occupation’s crimes, in Europe and around the world, especially those committed by the occupation army in the Gaza Strip during the recent aggression.

The PFLP noted that the British state has an obligation to recognize not only the state of Palestine, but all of the rights of the Palestinian people, boycott and sanction the occupation state, apologize to the Palestinian people for the Balfour Declaration, colonization and the ensuing crimes, and provide material and moral reparations and compensation, in addition to acting to ensure the implementation of Palestinian rights, including the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

This is what is necessary if the British state wants to begin to atone for part of its historical crime of the Balfour Declaration. This British statement endorsing the establishment of a “Jewish national home” in Palestine resulted in the displacement of the Palestinian people around the world in al-Nakba, the catastrophe which is still ongoing today.

Further, the Popular Front extended its salutes and appreciation to the Palestinian and Arab communities and all progressive forces, trade unions and student movements who lead the boycott campaigns in Britain, for their sustained and dedicated efforts which have played the major role in placing significant pressure on the Parliament and demanding meaningful change and support for Palestinian rights.

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