Pfizer Vaccine Reprograms Both Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses

Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine: Chronic diseases, Documents reveal nearly 160,000  adverse effects of Pfizer Covid vaccine |
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

A study posted on the preprint site medRxiv shows that the COVID mRNA shots are causing immune system dysregulation. In other words, researchers are finding that the shots reprogram not only your adaptive immune system, but the innate system as well.

It’s this feature that is probably causing the resurgences of viral infections and adverse events with the shots. What this means for children as health care decision makers push for them to get the jabs now is that their innate systems — which are naturally very strong — may be challenged to the point that the spike proteins of the coronavirus will actually stir up chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

And what that means is that by way of the injected mRNA, the body is being set up for other types of infections from fungi, viruses and bacteria.


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