Nurit Peled-Elhanan’s response to the recent appointment of Yari Naveh as Deputy Chief of Staff was posted yesterday on this list. The following is news of practical activist resistance to this appointment.

Peled-Elhanan is one of a group of activists who, along with the Yesh Gvul human rights NGO, has petitioned the High Court of Justice to disallow Naveh’s appointment (see Ynet item at:,7340,L-3990817,00.html). The piece below is Yesh Gvul’s December 4th press release announcing the petition.


The blogger Richard Silverstein has described Naveh as having “the distinction of being responsible for the Palestinian targeted killings which Anat Kamm leaked to Haaretz journalist, Uri Blau.

These West Bank murders completely contravened Supreme Court rulings which directed that such assassinations be avoided if there were civilians present and likely to be harmed; or if there were non-violent means available to apprehend the suspects.” Naveh, however, when questioned on the contradiction reportedly commented, “Stop bothering me with the rulings of the Supreme Court.  I don’t know when they apply and when they don’t.  I do know that targeted killings work and prevent terror attacks.  I take my orders from the operations command.”


Rela Mazali


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