Pervert Politicians Represent a Sick Society


Once again the august and noble governmental careerists reveal their nature. Let no man or woman ever be disappointed. The aristocracy of public policy always has a way of reaching down and deep to pull off the pants of naked exposure. Nothing has changed in this pattern of conduct. Only the methods of fusing perversion with favors vary with the excess of the billionaire moguls who fashion the popular culture. Washington DC has an insatiable appetite for projecting power dominance that may only be exceeded for the lust of campaign donations. The perfect storm of celebrity debauchery streams directly into the corridors of legislation and agency administration. Such behavior is well known, even though most practices are ignored as a matter of course.

According to the Washington Times, Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal tarnishes Hollywood; Democratic Party has serving representatives running for cover.

“The blowback quickly reached Washington, where a number of Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, said they would forward their campaign donations from Weinstein to charities supporting women.
Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala D. Harris of California donated $5,000 and $10,000, respectively, to women’s organizations. Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut gave $2,700 to the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence, and Sen. Kristin Gillibrand of New York gave $11,800 to RAINN, the national sexual assault hotline, according to their press offices.”

Pray tell just how many party favorites were oblivious to the widely known habits that permeate the producer power relationships both on and off the silver screen. Even the tarnish to the Camelot image of the Kennedy era, from mixing the celebrity mystic with the brute force of Federal authority, seldom shock the adoring fan base. So what is the entire hullabaloo really about?

Well, the hubbub has very little to do with a moral awakening by the general public. By those standards, engaging in an occasional groping by an alumnus of Saturday Night Live seems forgivable as long as one is a professor of obscene conduct. Nothing is funny about this comedy of errors. So what is the punch line?

When stuck for a laugh, dip down into the well of routing out the closest conservative Christian within reach, especially one who defends the Ten Commandments. Again, nothing new about this in the Babylonian Talmud cult that rules the MTV society.

So when the Bubba of defilers avoids interviews about his mile high fun on the Lolita Express, it only feeds interest to read the screenplay. Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane only raises the party bar.

“Between 2001 to 2003, Clinton and Epstein traveled together on extended trips around the world, according to flight records released in 2015 by Gawker.
Accompanying Clinton aboard the private jet was Doug Band, his “body man” and president of Teneo Holdings, a company that arranged speaking engagements and lucrative business deals for the former president.On one trip Clinton also traveled with actor Kevin Spacey, who is now accused of have sex with an underage boy.”

For those who have been on Clinton overload for decades the capricious New York Times can always be counted upon to muddy up the waters. Their latest, After Weinstein: The Fallout for 34 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct, From Lewd Texts to Rape acknowledges “Here is a list of such cases, which we will update periodically. The list does not include accusations against men for whom there has been no or minimal fallout.”

Gee, where is the list of women perverts? If sex scandals only stem from the male genitalia maybe the most important twist to the scandals goes missing. From across the pond, the Sun takes up the “PC” analysis in Women will be driven out of politics by ‘toxic’ sex scandal, Ruth Davidson warns.

“Our political institutions are in danger of gaining a reputation as a toxic workplace for women.
“Let me make my position plain – we need to throw open the doors on what has gone on in the past.
“We need to flood the dark corners of Parliament – and politics in general – with the disinfectant of sunshine.”We ask our political representatives to do a professional job; the very least they should expect is a professional workplace with decent HR practices in which to function.
“We need to address those misdeeds because we cannot let them put off the next generation of lawmakers.”

How nice that the home of so many closet queens can take a back seat to the deviants who molest women can take the heat.

Now from that bastion of establishment journalism, Time provides an even longer list compiled by Samantha Cooney. Here Are All the Public Figures Who’ve Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct After Harvey Weinstein seems to omit any women as the perpetrators of the power trip of sexual dominance. MS. Cooney states:

“The Weinstein scandal has sparked a national conversation about sexual misconduct and prompted others to come forward with accusations ranging from groping to rape against prominent men, including former Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, actor Ben Affleck and former President George H. W. Bush.
These are the men who have been accused of sexual misconduct after the Harvey Weinstein allegations.”

HELLO !!! Where do you find a list of female perps?

What is the message coming out of this never-ending featured cinematograph script to unclothe all those Harveywood sickos and their crony politicians who double in their buddy flicks? Obviously, better to shift your gender preference so your Lilith kinkiness can take down your own Adam.

So the lesson to take away from the power trip that targets male dominated scandals is not to be a teacher and use the authority of the class room to inflict preeminence over all those innocent children. Sorry, Mary Kay Letourneau is not eligible to run with the political bulls. THE 50 MOST INFAMOUS FEMALE TEACHER SEX SCANDALS is the other side of the coin.

John O’Sullivan in The Australian writes,

“We seem to have reached a general social conclusion after a remarkably brief and one-sided debate: sexual exploitation of vulnerable women by powerful men has been a vast hidden epidemic in our society and must now be halted once and for all. But how?
That’s not difficult to answer. George MacDonald, the Scottish religious novelist (who inspired CS Lewis), once wrote that it was the duty of a man to protect women against all men, starting with himself. If all men were to act consistently on that principle, there would be no problem of sexual harassment to solve.
But as every man must concede (including the author of this column), only a small minority of men (generally with names prefixed by “St”), consistently live up to this standard. We should be encouraged to do so by our moral upbringing and by the general mes­sages of our culture. But since both sexes are composed of fallen creatures, we will always fall well below 100 per cent success in this endeavour even in a high-minded society. An additional problem is that we don’t live in a high-minded ­society but in a liberated one. And the liberation of manners, in ­alliance with the law of unintended consequences, has had effects that the reformers didn’t expect.”

Ask yourself, how many rehab programs will Harveywood need to attend to get across this lesson of self-control? For the power elites, this formula is gender neutral. That legendary Baroness of Corporatist feminism, Leona Helmsley stated in the Nov. 1990 issue of Playboy.

“There is definitely a double standard for men and women: When a man loses his temper, he is aggressive; I’m a pushy bitch. A man is confident and authoritative; I’m conceited and power-mad. Men don’t want women getting to the top. Period.” 

Employing the Weinstein model, the political class exemplifies the proven substitute to viagra; namely, no term limits. When John Conyers robed in mere underwear provides ample qualifications for re-election, you know the House is a brothel of disrepute.

These signs of deviance are just symptoms of the core factor that perpetuates the revolving door of political bribery. Achieving influence by perverting the popular narrative corrupts both the public and the power brokers, who seek to buy politicians and the government that ostensibly, administer the rules.

The general society is mostly a non-participant factor in the great game of delusion that conditions the populace to accept the psychopathic culture that devalues all human life and degrades each individual. The consequences of a debasement of moral principles are demonstrated all around us.

If women are serious about earning the respect of men, their best step forward is to adopt a pro-life value system. If men want to earn the respect of females they should treat women as if each were their mother. Finally, for those who are confused as to their natural sexual gender, grow up and accept reality.

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