More than 1,000 groups are competing for grants from the Pepsi Refresh project. The top two will split a $500,000 prize.Yes, we’re only three spots away from winning $250,000! We have 15 days left to get there. Can you help us reach our goal? Sign up to be one of our daily voters!We’re part of a “Progressive Slate” of like-minded groups competing in a community contest called “Pepsi Refresh Everything.” If we get the most votes, we could win a $250,000 grant to launch a public education campaign about the new health care law.To win, we need to get the most online votes throughout the month of September. We’re asking TrueMajority members like you to sign up to be a daily voter with the Progressive Slate. It’s fun, simple and it could  help us raise $250,000 for a really important project. Sign up to be a daily voter here:
Our goal is to educate millions of people about their new right to health care  coverage. But we can’t do that unless you vote for us each day this month.
Working with the other organizations on the slate, the “Pepsi Refresh Everything” contest is a huge opportunity to win BIG money for progressive causes.
Daily voters will receive one short reminder email each morning in the month of September with a link to the voting page. It’s only a few seconds each day but it’s worth $250,000.
What a simple way for you to have a huge impact on our organization and our community.
Please sign up today.
Thank you!
– David

David Elliot
TrueMajority / USAction

PS  – The other groups on the slate include organizations that are working to mobilize young voters, coordinate progressive efforts at the state level, improve  access to college, promote healthy eating, provide legal and advocacy support for  low-income communities, and fight homelessness.  Sign up today!

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