Peaceful & Lawful Citizens’ Arrest Of George Osborne


by Jonathon Blakeley


Public event  (Facebook)· By David Searle – (Reposted)


On 20th April 2012 George Osborne announced he has committed a further £10 billion of contingent loans to the IMF, the organisation representing the interests of commercial banks and privately-owned central banks worldwide. It is believed that the loans will be used in s…upport of the Euro currency.

Mr. Osborne’s claim that this sum “does not add to our deficit or national debt” is disingenuous. As with every bank bailout the collateral is the British people themselves, and unlike the banks, we the people do not at the moment have control of the money supply, i.e. the ability to create money at will.

This means that it will have to come from taxes, services cuts and public assets – once again negatively affecting the quality of our daily lives.

In an actual sense, Mr. Osborne has agreed to the transfer of assets from the British people to the commercial banks and privately-owned central banks.

Under UK law, this constitutes theft: [Theft Act 1968, Section 1]

Furthermore, the statement that it does not add to our debt, coupled with Mr. Osborne’s previous statement to Parliament on 27th October 2011 that “Britain will not be putting money into the bailout fund either directly or through the IMF”, mean that it is also fraud: [Fraud Act 2006, Section 2]

We, the people of this country, now face a straightforward, threefold choice:

  1. Allow the continued flouting of our laws by the same men and women that were elected to represent us.
  2. Petition the police service and courts to address the flouting of these laws as effectively as they can.
  3. Take peaceful and lawful action to arrest George Osborne ourselves, according to the duties and guidance of the law ( [Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Section 24A]) and the principles and example of the British Constitution.

I am hereby calling for us to choose the third option. Join me at 10.00am on 30th April 2012 outside Downing Street. Over the coming days I will be speaking to the Metropolitan Police to explain that the arrest will be lawful and peaceful, and to co-ordinate with them in order to ensure that the action proceeds in a proper and legitimate manner.

Please do not join the arrest unless you are mentally and physically prepared to conduct yourself in a presentable, calm, peaceful and lawful manner throughout the entire duration of the event otherwise there is a risk that it will be unsuccessful.

We will participate equally in this arrest, standing together as sovereign British citizens, and I believe that the more of us taking part, the more likely we are to succeed.

David Searle
UPDATE 24/04/2012: On St. George’s Day yesterday evening I walked into Charing Cross police station (the nearest police station to 11 Downing Street) and outlined the allegations against George Osborne. The PC on duty logged it as a fraud case and gave me a crime reference number. He also took a copy of the following document which will be added to the crime file:

I pointed out the schedule mentioned in the end paragraphs. The authorities now have five days (i.e. until the end of Saturday 28th April) to contact me. In my statement it is explained that were I not to hear from them: “I will take this as reasonable grounds for assuming that for whatever reason [they are unable] – either by arresting Mr. Osborne or by any other method – to proceed with the investigation at the present time.”

Legally this should overcome the obstacle of Article (3), Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, which declares: “the power of summary arrest conferred by subsection (1) or (2) is exercisable only if— … (b) it appears to the person [or in our case people] making the arrest that it is not reasonably practicable for a constable to make it instead”, and a citizens’ arrest would then be rendered legitimate. I would welcome further advice from legal experts, however. Thanks to Gary G-star Crowley for drawing attention to this issue.

Next step: liaising with Downing Street police to ensure that the event can go ahead peacefully and without disturbance.
UPDATE 26/04/2012: Form 3175A was handed in to Charing Cross Police Station yesterday 25/04/2012 with the following “Reason for event” statement attached – everyone attending on 30th April should give it a read:

After leaving the station I emailed George Osborne inviting him either to turn himself in to the authorities over the next few days or voluntarily meet us at 10:00 a.m. on 30/04/2012 outside Downing Street. The text of this email is here:

I am currently preparing the arrest warrant to be delivered to 11 Downing Street should Mr. Osborne choose neither to turn himself in nor meet us at the arranged time and place. Please feel free to message me with technical suggestions or contributions, particularly if you are a constitutional or legal specialist.

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