Peace in Aleppo, No More Terrorists

Peace in Aleppo, No More Terrorists, “No Need for a Ceasefire”. Another Politically Motivated UN Security Council Session on Syria

Convened to bash Russia and Syria, truth-telling was entirely absent from remarks by Western envoys, Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin setting the record straight.

He explained eastern Aleppo is virtually liberated. Syrian and allied forces now control the entire city, saying “(t)he latest latest information that we have received during the past hour or so is that military operations in eastern Aleppo have concluded.”

“So there is no issue of any ceasefire or special humanitarian operations. The Syrian government has regained control of the eastern Aleppo, so the stage of practical humanitarian actions begins.”

On December 14, remaining US-supported terrorists will leave the city, arrangements in place for their departure, Churkin explained. “(C)ounterterrorist operation(s) will conclude in…hours.”

Terrorists, their family members “and the wounded are now withdrawing through the agreed corridors in the directions they themselves have chosen, including (to) Idlib.”

Churkin called Ban Ki-moon’s participation in the session “ill-advised,” adding “speaking (at) a formal meeting of the UN Security Council, he shouldn’t be relying on unchecked information.”

He “should be more careful to not be an instrument to spread fake news.”

Ban called Aleppo’s liberation a “dark day,” his comment one of many examples of subservience to Washington, supporting its imperial wars, mindless of the human toll, refusing to credit Syrian and allied forces for freeing eastern Aleppo residents from brutalized captivity.

He lied, citing fake video footage “of a body burning in the street, ostensibly after aerial bombardment” – along with fake reports “of civilians, including women and children…being rounded up and executed.”

UK envoy Matthew Rycroft turned truth on its head, saying:

 “(t)his is a dark day for the people of Aleppo. Surely, the darkest of the past five years. Assad’s forces, propped up by Russia and Iran, have once again redefined horror. They’ve gone from siege to slaughter.”

Neocon UN envoy Samantha Power casually blamed government forces and Russia for high crimes committed by America, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers, saying:

Assad…”and Russia appeared dead set on seizing every last square inch of Aleppo by force no matter how many innocent bodies piled up in their wake.”

“Bodies (are) lying in the streets of eastern Aleppo, but no one dares collect them, for fear of getting bombed or shot to death in the process. Up to a hundred children are reportedly trapped right now, in a building under heavy fire.”

Tuesday night, residents reported relative calm after years of brutal captivity as human shields by US-supported terrorists.

There was no heavy fire, no fighting, no bombings, none since suspended on October 18.

A separate fake news report from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein claimed “pro-Government forces killed at least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children.”

“The crushing of Aleppo, the immeasurably terrifying toll on its people, the bloodshed, the wanton slaughter of men, women and children, the destruction – and we are nowhere near the end of this cruel conflict.”

“Dozens of bodies reportedly litter the streets of a number of east Aleppo neighbourhoods, with residents unable to retrieve them due to the intense bombardment and fear of being shot.”

“Government forces and their allies are also reportedly entering civilian homes and killing people.”

All of the above was fabricated in deference to US interests. Aleppo is now free from its terrorist scourge.

A long struggle remains to liberate Syria entirely, along with the enormous task of rebuilding the country from the ravages of US imperial war.


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