Palestinian imprisoned for flashing the peace sign





From the Occupied Palestine blog comes this report of another nonviolent activist arrested.

Khaled Zawahre’s military hearing has concluded delayed ruling until

Sunday they will either release him or keep him in custody for 101 days.

We want to ask your support to keep sharing this information widely so

the cases of arbitrary arrest by Israel get more media attention.For

putting a unarmed civilian on trial for a military court after an arbitrary

arrest without any proof is a severe  human rights violation

Khaled Zawahre was arrested in Qalandia while stopping in front of the

Skunk Car he has been detained in Ofer prison and Military court extended

his emprisonement with another 101 days of arrest until end of investigation

they accused him of beating up a soldier and throwing rocks even though

the films show he was standing non-violent infront of the car being skunked !

Earlier on May 15 2011, Khaled also got injured during a similar nonviolent

demo and was hit with a rubber bullet and lost consciousness twice from the

teargas (HRW May 20, 2011 issue) on the same day, Israel answered nonviolent

protesters with great and disproportionate violence which caused 15 deaths.

For more photos and videos of Khaled and Qalandia, visit the Occupied Palestine blog.

Khaled was previously seen on this blog in the video from the “Naksa day protests.”

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