Palestinian forced to drink alcohol by Nazi's at gun-point

Nel Burden, Press TV, Occupied Beit Ummar
Human rights groups have filed a complaint against an Israeli officer who forced a Muslim Palestinian to drink a bottle of alcohol at gunpoint. The Palestinian Authority has condemned the attack, saying that it is against all religious and ethical laws as the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in Islam.
24-year-old Muhammad Khalil Abu Dayyah was stopped by an Israeli intelligence officer outside his home and forced into a military tower.

Abu Dayyah was ordered to give names of young men who participate in clashes against Israeli forces in Beit Ummar. When he refused to comply, the officer held a gun to his head and forced him to drink a bottle of alcohol.
AL-Haq human rights organization described the incident for Press TV.
The Minister of Religious Affairs stated that Israel had morally and ethically violated the religious and human rights of the Palestinian man as consuming alcohol is against Islamic law.
Beit Ummar villagers organize weekly peaceful demonstrations against Israel’s illegal expansion of the Karmei Tzur settlement. However, due to the proximity of the two areas, the Palestinian villagers are subjected to human rights abuses by the Israeli army including night raids, physical and verbal abuse particularly against youths and attacks at demonstrations with live fire, rubber bullets and tear gas.
Human rights groups reiterated that this type of attack is not unusual in the West Bank, however the clear violation of Islamic law is an insult to the religion and has been condemned as a racist attack by the state. Attacks such as these remain an obstacle to peace solutions in the West Bank.

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