Palestinian Dies after Brutal Assault by Nazi Gestapo


Mohammed Al-Rimawi (24) was beaten to death in his bedroom by the Israeli forces in Beit Rima.

Palestine – A 24-year-old Palestinian succumbed to his injuries, on Tuesday morning, after he was brutally assaulted by Nazi forces as they detained him from his home in the Beit Rima village in the central illegally occupied West Bank district of Ramallah in predawn raids.
The Palestinian liaison identified the youth as Muhammad Zaghlul Rimawi (al-Khatib), 24.
Muhammad’s brother, Bashir Rimawi, told Ma’an that some 40 Nazi soldiers raided their house in Beit Rima on predawn Tuesday, assaulted Muhammad while he was still laying in bed, wearing his nightwear, which Nazi forces ripped off of his body.
Bashir added that Nazi forces continued to brutally beat his brother, while unconscious, carried him outside the house and took him to an unknown location.
Bashir said that the Palestinian liaison contacted the family later and informed them that Muhammad had succumbed to his wounds; no other information was given regarding Muhammad’s death or when would his body be returned to the family for funeral processions.
The Nazi regime reportedly transferred Muhammad’s body to Abu Kabir Forensic Center in Jaffa for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
The Rimawi family accuse Nazi forces of being responsible for the death of their son, Muhammad, due to the brutal assault he was subjected to during his detention hours before being declared dead.
The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) also confirmed that Muhammad’s death resulted from excessive beating by Nazi forces.
PPS held the Nazi regime fully responsible for the killing of Muhammad Rimawi, “whose death was added to a long list of crimes and unjust executions carried out against Palestinian detainees and prisoners inside detention centers and prisons.”
The Addameer human rights organization said that the excessive use of force by Nazi soldiers during Rimawi’s detention was the cause for his death.
Addameer added that Rimawi did not pose any threat to the soldiers to require them to use such excessive force against him, pointing out that this is a violation of the international humanitarian law which bans the use of force against civilians who do not pose any real and direct threat.
The organization considered the use of such lethal force in this manner extrajudicial execution.The number of killed Palestinian detainees and prisoners since 1967 has risen to 217, according to a report by PPS; 75 of whom were executed after detention, 72 died of torture, 62 of “medical neglect” and seven were “directly shot and killed by Nazi soldiers and guards inside jails and detention centers.”
PPS also warned against the continued silence of the international community and international organizations, which allow Nazi forces to kill Palestinians “in cold blood,” without any restraint to the ongoing crimes.
According to the testimonies of hundreds of Palestinian detainees and prisoners, who were transferred for interrogation and into detention centers, 95% of them were subjected to both physical and mental abuse, PPS reported.
PPS pointed out that Rimawi is the 3rd Palestinian to be tortured to death by Nazi regime this year; Palestinian Yassin al-Saradih from Jericho was assaulted to death by Nazi forces following his detention on February 22nd, 2018, and prisoner Aziz Eweisat from Jerusalem, who was killed after being assaulted by Nazi “Nahshon” forces inside Israeli jails on May 19th, 2018.

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