Palestinian Bus Driver Assaulted In West Bank illegal Settlement

Two racist Jewish men beat Palestinian bus driver inside a West Bank Zio-Nazi  illegal settlement in what the victim said was a racist hate crime.
According to Zionist media reports, Thursday’s incident was among several involving Zio-Nazi settlers targeting random Palestinians.
Nidal Alfakia was injured in the incident, in which he said two men blocked his bus in Modiin Ilit, boarded the vehicle and hit his face. They assaulted him when they realized he was an Arab speaker.
His bus company, Kavim, said that some of its drivers were striking in protest of the incident, affecting services in Modiin Ilit. The firm also said it will seek legal action against anyone found to have used violence against its employee.
Sassi Sadeh, a union leader, told Channel 10 that Modiin Ilit has seen several cases of violence against Palestinian bus drivers in recent years.
On Thursday, a Palestinian fighter killed two Nazi soldiers. Earlier this week, seven Nazi’s were injured in a shooting attack in the illegally occupied West Bank.


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