Palestine: The Promise


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I have now confirmed with the UK’s Channel 4 TV that they only have distribution rights for their 4 part series on the closing years of the British Mandate in Palestine, known as ‘The Promise’, in the UK and Eireland. That explains why it has not been possible to download it from abroad: apparently they have blocking software which identifies in which jurisdiction you have logged on.

However, when doing a Google search earlier today I found that the four episodes have been uploaded on U Tube, as per the hyperlink below: with the dates given,somewhat confusingly, as 4, 12, 7, and 18 February. To distinguish it from other films of the same name, make sure only to download productions showing Peter Kosminsky as director: and don’t be put off by the few minutes of advertising at the start.

I do hope you can access this important production on what really happened during the creation of the Israeli state, and which knocks most of the Zionist misrepresentations of history for six.

No doubt there will be attempts to get U Tube to withdraw it soon…….

Hyperlink below.

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