Palestine: Shot, dragged, arrested and brought back dead by Nazi Gestapo

Palestinian youth shot, dragged, arrested and brought back dead by Nazi Gestapo

Mohammed Ali Adwan, 23,

A Palestinian youth on Tuesday dawn was killed by Nazi soldiers during clashes that broke out in Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, after the army stormed it.
The youths stood up to the army while storming the camp for arrests. Clashes lasted for hours, during which three young men were shot and wounded. The youth, identified as “Mohammed Ali Adwan”, 23, was one of them.
Mohammed was shot and injured during the clashes, while eyewitnesses said that the soldiers arrested him even though he was wounded, and dragged him for a long distance, while he was bleeding and without any treatment.
Nazi occupation authorities announced the death of Muhammad two hours after his arrest. They handed over his body through the nearby Qalandia checkpoint, where he was transferred to the Ramallah Medical Complex.
The mosque’s mosques announced the death of Moahmmed, describing the crime as Nazi cold-blooded execution.

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