Palestine: News from the Nazi Camp's

The Nazi occupation forces arrested seven Palestinians from Jerusalem and the West Bank

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi occupied Palestine: The Nazi occupation forces arrested seven Palestinians after they raided their homes in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem at dawn today.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested the two brothers, Yazan, Anas Abu Shamleh, Marcel Abu Bakr, and Ali Nazmi Abu Bakr, after they stormed their homes in the town of Ya`badi, north of Jenin, during dawn hours.

Violent confrontations broke out between the Nazi occupation forces and Palestinian youths, who responded to storm the soldiers by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

During the confrontations, dozens of young men suffocated due to inhaling the poisonous gas emitted by the gas bombs fired by the Nazi occupation forces.

The Nazi occupation army announced the killing of a soldier from the “Golani Brigade” after throwing stones at him during the confrontations in Ya`bad.

 He said that the 21-year-old soldier was seriously wounded, despite wearing a helmet. 

The occupation forces also raided and searched several homes for Palestinians in Hebron, arresting the young Firas Ziad Abu Sneineh (21 years old).

In Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested the two young men, Suhaib Muhammad Jaffal, and Dawud Ahmed Jaffal, after they raided their homes in the town of Abu Dis, east of the city.

Prisoners Authority: We call on the banks not to take any steps outside the framework of the unified Palestinian position


The Advisory Council of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority called for mobilizing all national efforts to fight and resist the occupation, and called on banks to adhere to the official Palestinian position, and not to take any steps outside the framework of the unified Palestinian position.

This came during the emergency session held by the Consultative Council of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority yesterday, at the Commission’s headquarters in Ramallah.

In its session, the Council affirmed that the issue of martyrs and prisoners, their care and care for their families is a national responsibility that is not subject to discussion and negligence, and affirming the position of the Palestinian leadership to establish the issue of martyrs and prisoners and their allocations as a national priority.

He stressed his position rejecting the Israeli military decision regarding the prisoners ’accounts in banks, affirming the authority’s commitment to the prisoners at all levels and levels, whatever the cost.

He called on the masses of our people everywhere to truly support and support the issue of prisoners on the ground, and that all factions and forces of national and Islamic action in their central councils stand firm in the face of the Nazi decision and work to thwart it.

He also stressed the necessity and importance of the captive movement’s unity and solid cohesion to confront Nazi Jewish right-wing extremist policies towards them.

He called on the political leadership to take all necessary measures to prevent the Nazi occupation from affecting the allocations of the prisoners and their families.

The Council warned the occupation against the consequences of prejudice to the salaries and allowances of prisoners and their families, and the consequences of this decision, which could lead to an explosion of conditions inside and outside the Nazi Camp’s, holding the Nazi occupation regime fully responsible for the life and safety of prisoners and female prisoners in prisons.

At the end of his statement, he said: “The Palestinian banks are not our opponent, and we reject any aggression against them, and we call for mobilizing all national efforts to fight and resist the occupation. We also call on the banks to adhere to the official Palestinian position, and not to take any steps outside the framework of the unified Palestinian position.”

This comes after the issuance of the Nazi military order threatening the banks operating in Palestine from continuing to deal with prisoners and pay their salaries.

In protest of this, several banks in the occupied West Bank were shot at their doors and set on fire by angry Palestinians after informing a number of the prisoners’ families and editors to stop their bank cards and close their accounts.

Demanding the release of the sick prisoner Iyad Jerjawi


Nazi occupied Palestine: The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, today, Tuesday, submitted a request to the Occupation Court to release the sick prisoner Iyad Jerjawi (34 years old).

The authority said in a statement that the prisoner Al-Jerjawi suffers from a cancerous tumor in the nerve mass in the brain, after the Nazi Camp Administration informed the prisoner of the results of the medical examinations he conducted months ago.

She added that the prisoner needs to perform surgery in order to eradicate that cancerous tumor, otherwise he will be exposed to vision loss and loss of sensation on the right side of the body, according to the report of the Nazi occupation doctors.

She pointed out that the Jerjawi prisoner has long suffered from chronic headaches, severe headache and various parts of the body, and he was subjected to great delay by the Prison Authority and its doctors in order to undergo medical examinations to determine his health status.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Al-Jarjawi is from Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, where the occupation forces arrested him on the thirteenth of June 2011.

The Nazi occupation court issued a verdict of imprisonment for nine years, on charges of resisting the occupation, and he is supposed to be released in Next June.

A massive campaign of arrests affects 16 Palestinians from the Nazi occupied West Bank 


The Nazi occupation forces arrested 16 Palestinians, from last night until Wednesday morning.

Today, the Al-Asir Club stated that the occupation forces arrested 16 Palestinians from the West Bank, including eight from the town of Ya`bad north of West Jenin, three boys from Bethlehem, and a Palestinian from al-Fawar camp who witnessed violent confrontations this morning, which led to the death of the child Zaid Qaysia (15 years), by the Israeli army, and others were wounded. 

The captive club said that the occupation forces arrested both; Nazmi Mahmoud Abu Bakr (21 years old) and his brother Muhammad (18 years old), Ahmed Jawad Abu Bakr (24 years old), Muhammad Sharif Abu Bakr (23 years old), Nour Hassan Amarneh, Mahdi Amarneh, Sharaf Muhammed Abu Bakr and his brother Saif, after the raid Their homes are worshiped.

Al-Asir Club explained to “Quds” that the house raids, interrogations and arrests of Palestinians are still going on until the time of preparing the news 12:15 PM Palestinian time.

The arrest campaign in Ya`bad came for the second consecutive day, after the army announced yesterday that Nazi soldier from the Gastapo “Golani Brigade” had been killed after stones were thrown at his head during the clashes that broke out in the town, where a number of Palestinians, including women and children, were arrested.

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested; Anas Ayman Al-Halqawi from Al-Fawar camp, Ayman Khalil Abu Maria (22 years) from the town of Beit Ummar, and Alaa Hassan Marar (28 years) from Hebron, knowing that he is a former prisoner.

From the town of Beit Furik, Nablus District, the occupation arrested the young man, Hassan Nasasrah, who is the son of the prisoner Ahed Nasasrah, who was imprisoned for 32 years, of which he spent 17 years in the prisons of the Nazi occupation. 

The Nazi occupation army arrested three boys, from Bethlehem, at the age of 16. Anas Khaled Masalmeh, Bashar Khidr Shehdeh, and Louay Ali Shehdeh, in addition to the arrest of the young Muhammad Walid Qattash from Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho. 

The Asir Club stated that the occupation forces arrested Yasser Walid Khazimiya from the town of Qabatiya in the Jenin district, and later released him, and from the village of Al-Issawiya, northeast of Jerusalem, they arrested Yusef Farid Obaid and Muhammad Ayman Obaid, where they were later released.

For the third time .. Renewal of the administrative detention of the prisoner Shurooq Al-Baden


The Nazi occupation court in “Ofer” renewed the administrative detention of the prisoner Shurooq Muhammad Musa Al-Baden (25 years), from the town of Tuqu ‘in Bethlehem for a period of 4 months, for the third time in a row.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested the captive Al-Baden on July 15, 2019, after raiding the house of their relatives in Tuqu ‘, and then they were transferred to the “Etzion” investigation center and then to the detention center of the “Ramleh” detention center, and they were isolated in very difficult conditions in a small room with a high temperature in a way Big.

The Prisoners ‘Information Office stated that the Prison Administration kept the prisoner isolated in Ramle for 5 days before being transferred to the female prisoners’ section in Damoon Prison.

Two weeks after her arrest, she issued her administrative detention decision for a period of six months, and before ending two days, she renewed her for a second time for another six months, then today she renewed her for a third time for another four months, knowing that she suffers from kidney pain due to the harsh conditions of investigation and isolation.

According to the prisoners ’information, the occupation continues to detain 3 women prisoners under an arbitrary administrative law, along with the captive body, who are students at the Faculty of Information at Birzeit University, the captive Shatha Majed Hassan (20 years) from Ramallah, was arrested on 12/12/2019, and an arrest warrant was issued against her Administrative for 3 months.

As well as the prisoner Bushra Jamal Al-Tawil (26 years), from Ramallah, she was arrested on December 11, 2019, and she was issued with a decision to administrative detention for a period of 4 months, and she is a released prisoner who was arrested 3 times previously.

Prisoners’ Authority: Prisoner Murad Faschafeh goes on hunger strike in refusal of his administrative detention


The Palestinian Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported today, Wednesday, that the prisoner, Murad Muhammad Saeed Faschafeh, a resident of the village of Jaba, in the Jenin Governorate, began the day before yesterday with an open hunger strike against his administrative detention.

The authority stated, in a statement, that the Nazi occupation authorities had re-arrested the freed prisoner Faschafeh on 9/9/2019, and issued a decision against him for administrative detention for six months, and after its completion he issued a renewal decision against him for a period of four months.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Faschashah is currently held in the “Hadarim” prison cells, and he has fought the detention experience four times previously, and spent nearly six years in the prisons of the occupation.# Prisoners

“Muhammad” is God’s gift to the captive, the funeral of the striker 13 days ago

Prisoner Club: A national position must be formulated to counter the decisions of the occupation

Prisoners’ Affairs: The occupation decides to extend the detention of 46 prisoners

Ahlam Al-Tamimi’s family: America continues to pressure Jordan to hand it over

The family of the freed prisoner, Ahlam Al-Tamimi, said that seven deputies from the American Republican Party sent a letter to the Jordanian Embassy in Washington threatening to impose sanctions on the Kingdom, in the event that it refused to extradite Ahlam.

The family added that “the message comes within the framework of the continuous American pressure on Jordan to deliver dreams, which the kingdom, the government and the people categorically reject.”

She indicated in a statement: “This latest endeavor, although it intersects with the endeavors of all American and other Zionist parties, but it involves a great risk that the law will be used to achieve political interests.”

She said: Working to activate and enforce a law requiring the handing over of “wanted persons” in exchange for continuing to provide financial aid to countries, is a political pressure card to force them to accept, which raises great concern to us, despite our belief that Jordan will not submit to extortion.

She continued: “Ahlam al-Tamimi, a Jordanian-born, citizen, Palestinian-born, fought in defense of the first Arab cause Palestine.”

And she emphasized that “circumventing the issue of fair dreams and supporting them is the real immunity and the surest guarantee so that strange hands do not reach it.”

It is noteworthy that the United States of America had previously requested that Jordan extradite Ahlam Al-Tamimi, claiming that she participated in an operation inside occupied Palestine that led to the killing of Americans, while the Jordanian Court of Cassation rejected the American request.

Note that Al-Tamimi’s dreams were liberated in the “Wafaa Al-Ahrar” deal concluded by the Palestinian resistance through an Egyptian mediation with the occupying country, as she was serving a life sentence of 16 times.## POWs

Arrests of the West Bank and the Nazi occupation continue to besiege Yabd


At dawn Thursday, the Nazi occupation forces arrested a number of Palestinians in the Nazi occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, while continuing for the third day in a row the siege of the town of Ya`bad, Jenin District, in an attempt to find the bomber, “Operation Stone”.

Night clashes broke out between the young men and the Nazi occupation soldiers in some areas, while the occupation forces launched raids and raids on houses in Ya`bad for the sixth time in a row, and carried out more arrests among the residents of the town, after one Nazi soldiers was killed during the storming of the town, with a stone on his head.

Worshiping: 27 people arrested in search of the perpetrator

The Nazi occupation forces arrested dawn, 4 Palestinians, and the total number of arrests in Ya`bad reached 27, who were transferred for investigation to find out the identity of the stone throwers that caused the death of the Nazi soldier, “Amit Bin Yagal,” from the Gastapo “Golani” unit, and all those arrested denied any connection to the matter.

Nazi security services claim that the person who threw the stones and killed the soldier is among the detainees, but so far his identity has not been identified, as investigations are being conducted around the clock to decipher the symbols and identify the bomber, according to the “Walla” website.

Nazi Gastapo also assaulted the young Mutasim Ribhi Abu Bakr (18 years) and his brother, the child Khaled (13 years), after storming the town, raiding several houses, searching them, tampering with their contents, and investigating their residents. According to the Palestinian Prisoner Club.

The Nazi occupation forces raided the homes of: “Abdel-Hakim Abu Bakr, Mahmoud Nazmi Abu Bakr, Alaa Asfour, as well as the house of Atiya Muhammad Abu Bakr, which turned him upside down, and broke in its contents, and the homes of his two brothers, Ribhi and Nazmi, who were arrested and their children for three days.”

According to Al-Asir Club, the Palestinian Nujud Khamayseh (46 years old) was transferred to Jenin Governmental Hospital after she suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the Nazi occupation’s arrest, her two sons, Khaled and the young Moatasem, while the Nazi occupation arrested yesterday her husband, Ribhi (47 years), and her two sons, Ahmed (19 years) and the boy Muhammad (15 years old).

The Nazi occupying forces also raided the town of Yamoun, Jenin District, during which they stormed homes and fired heavy gas canisters, suffocating a number of residents.

And a special force of the young occupation army arrested Thaer Amarneh Al-Kahla near the Araba junction in Jenin, knowing that he was a captive editor who spent about 10 years in the Nazi occupation Camp’s.

In Nazi occupied Jerusalem, local sources said that the Nazi occupation forces arrested a young man, Mansour Mahmoud, from the town of Al-Issawiya, in addition to another young man from the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood.

Violent confrontations also broke out with the occupation forces in Al-Arroub camp, Hebron District.

The Captive Movement: ending the prisoners ’relationship with the banks, in response to a condemned decision by the occupation

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The captive movement in the occupation prisons said that “the acceptance of the end of the prisoners’ relationship with any of the banks is a condemned response to the decision of the occupation, and therefore acceptance of the return of the civil military administration and its authority over the occupied West Bank.”

She added in a statement: “Acceptance to pass this targeting, whether by silence or participation, is tacit acceptance to pass the plans to annex the occupied West Bank to the occupation.”

And she added, “The banks’ handling of the Israeli occupation decision in any way will strip it of any responsible and national characteristic, and consequently will remove from it the cover and due protection from the next movement of our people.”

She pointed out that “this targeting is dangerous in its contents, so the appropriate response to it must be political, expressively expressed by the Prime Minister and the rest of the leadership bodies represented in the Executive Committee and the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, and not by forming a technical administrative committee whose membership includes the Association of Banks and the Monetary Authority.”

And it demanded: “All popular and official institutions, powers and factions should bear their national responsibilities and express a position befitting the prisoners and what they represent in terms of militant and national legitimacy.”

The statement added: “Stopping the payment of the allocations of the two cantons 400 shekels to the prisoners is an additional pressure on them, and it would weaken their front in the face of the Nazi occupation prison administration.”

The statement stressed that “silence on targeting the prisoners means necessarily keeping the door of options open to defending their rights, and it will serve as a prelude to the outbreak of an open confrontation that may begin, but does not know when it will end.”

The captive, Mais Abu Ghosh, suffers from torture and medical neglect

Prisoner Janazerah continues his strike for the 15th consecutive day

“Muhammad” is God’s gift to the captive, the funeral of the striker 13 days ago

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