Today in Palestine for Agust 31, 2014

Today in Palestine–A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPT (including Gaza) for July 31, 2014. Dn

PCHR update Saturday, August 2, 2014

PCHR–From July 8 till August 2, 2014 1492 Gaza Palestinians killed of which 360 are children; 6686 injured, of whom 1846 are children. dn

Stop the violence and end the blockade of Gaza

Religious Social Democrats of Sweden–The Religious Social Democrats of Sweden welcomes the UN decision to investigate war crimes committed during the Israeli military offensive “Protective edge” in Gaza. We ask for an increased presence of the United Nations and the support of its Security Council in order to protect civilians. dn

Sending our sons into battle: the failure of another Israeli generation

Anshel Pfeffer–We can blame the Palestinians, the Arabs and the international community all we like, but it was our responsibility to make sure our children wouldn’t have to go off and kill or be killed. dn

Obsession with Iran blinded Netanyahu to Hamas threat

Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor “A commission of inquiry, should it be established, will have to answer the following questions: Why were the voices of the Nirim and Ein Hashlosha residents ignored? Why did the defense establishment close its eyes, ears and purse strings? The main question to be asked by a commission is this: Why, despite Israel’s intelligence capabilities, was a mass attack — which according to senior defense leaders would have brought Israel to its knees — only averted somewhat miraculously?” ca

US Senate blocks Iron Dome funding to Israel 

JPOST.COM STAFF – Jerusalem Post “A United States Senate bid to deliver aid to Israel during Operation Protective Edge was blocked by Republicans “over concerns that it would increase the debt,” Politico reported.The Democrats proposed a $2.7 billion border aid package that included $255 for the Iron Dome missile defense system.” ca

Do Palestinians Really Exist?

Dean Obeidallah – The Daily Beast “I share this story because I think that lost in the current Gaza conflict is the story of the Palestinians as a people. Instead, they’ve been continually defined as being the “bad” part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They’ve been broadly labeled as terrorists or seen as acceptable loses. Some Israeli leaders have alleged Palestinians don’t exist, or called them “cockroaches,” “crocodiles,” or a “cancer.” ca

Tensions Escalate Between Israel and a Second Party in Gaza: The United Nations
Somini Sengupta – NYT “The United Nations has been dragged into the conflict: Eight of its staff members have been killed in the past 24 days, and more than 100 of its facilities have come under fire, including the school. United Nations officials said they had repeatedly told Israel of its exact location.” ca
Gaza Ministry of Health: “Gaza Surgery Being Performed in Corridors, On the Floor”
Gaza Ministry of Health – IMEMC “Lack of theatre space sees two persons being operated on at a time in the same theatre, while others receive surgical interventions in the corridors…Despite 30 patients being ready for discharge, they literally have nowhere to go. These 30 beds are desperately needed.” ca
As war flares, some women flee from violence at home
Or Kashti – Haaretz “While fighting in Gaza continues, violence is also intensifying inside Israeli homes, with NGOs reporting a spike in complaints of abuse against women.” ca
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