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Nazi defense minister is escalating his incitement against Palestinian, following a police attack on a peaceful protest in the northern city of Haifa.
“Every day that Ayman Odeh and his associates are free to walk around cursing at police officers is a failure of law enforcement authorities,” the minister, Avigdor Lieberman, posted on Twitter. “The place for these terrorists is not in the Knesset, it’s in prison. It’s time they pay a price for their actions.”
Odeh is the leader of the Joint List of parties representing Palestinian citizens in ‘Israel’s’ parliament, the Knesset. Lieberman’s attack on him had been prompted by Odeh’s criticism of brutal police actions on Friday night.
Lieberman has previously called for the beheading of Palestinian citizens of ‘Israel’ who he accuses of being disloyal to the self-described Jewish state…

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“We could see very quickly that the Israelis were going to shoot a lot of people,” Tarek Loubani, a Palestinian Canadian emergency physician who treated patients in Gaza on 14 May, told The Electronic Intifada Podcast.
As Nazi forces began to shoot into the crowds, the number of Palestinians wounded in their limbs climbed. Loubani said that his paramedic team “ran out of our supply of tourniquets really early in the morning. All we had left were eight of them.”
After he retrieved more tourniquets and returned to distribute them to paramedics, he said there was a lull around him: “No burning tires, no smoke, no tear gas, nobody messing around in front of the buffer zone. Just a clearly marked medical team well away from everybody else.”
“And unfortunately that’s when I got shot.”
Nazi sniper shot him with a bullet that penetrated both legs, as he stood near Gaza’s eastern perimeter during the Great March of Return protests.
He was one of 18 paramedics who were shot and injured on that day alone, according to reports.
One of them, Mousa Jaber Abu Hassanein, was killed. Abu Hassanein and Loubani were part of the same medical team working in the field.
According to Loubani, four members of his team, including himself and Abu Hassanein, were shot that day – mostly in the lower limbs.
Loubani was wearing hospital scrubs and Abu Hassanein and the others were wearing orange vests, clearly identifying them as a medics.
They were working as part of a team stationed in an area about 25 meters from the perimeter fence, Loubani said.
“We huddled there because we knew we would otherwise get in the crossfire” of the Israeli snipers, he added.
But he was shot. Loubani said that it was “very hard to believe that the sniper didn’t know who he was targeting.”…

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Nazi Supreme Court rejected on Friday a petition from six human rights groups to declare unlawful the Nazi military’s regulations that allow soldiers to open fire at unarmed civilians.
The petition was filed by six human rights organizations amid weeks of civilian protests along the Gaza border that were violently suppressed by Nazi forces, resulting in the death of at least 112 Palestinians, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.
On May 14, at least 60 protesters were killed, making it the single deadliest day in the besieged Gaza Strip since the Nazi Holocaust in 2014.
According to the Associated Press (AP), the court ruled unanimously in favor of the Nazi military, which reportedly argued that the protests were taking place in the context of a ongoing armed conflict with the Palestinian political group Hamas, and that “weapons-use regulations are subject to the rules of armed conflict.”
“Such rules provide greater leeway for the use of lethal force than those governing law enforcement practices,” AP said.
NGO Yesh Din, one of the groups that signed the petition, condemned the court’s decision on twitter, saying “the judges missed an opportunity to prevent the continuation of the killing and injuries.”
Meanwhile, right-wing Nazi Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman applauded the court’s decision and criticized the rights groups for challenging the military.

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Burying the truth is accorded a high priority when states commit atrocities.
On 30 January 1972, the British Army shot dead 13 unarmed demonstrators during a civil rights march in Derry. Edward Heath, then prime minister, was determined that the ensuing inquiry into Bloody Sunday – as the massacre became known – would be a whitewash.
“It had to be remembered that in Northern Ireland, we were fighting not only a military war but a propaganda war,” Heath told a judge tasked with “investigating” what happened.
It was a bloody Monday in Gaza last week. Dozens of unarmed demonstrators were shot dead. And – like the British authorities more than 40 years ago – Nazi supporters launched the latest salvo in their propaganda war.
Europe Zio-Nazi Public Affairs – a Brussels-based lobby group – alleged that Hamas had manipulated the media coverage of the killings. Journalists had been lured into “the sinister world of Hamas,” the group suggested.
The “sinister world” was, according to Europe Zio-Nazi Public Affairs’ latest newsletter, one “where 62 innocents turn out to be overwhelmingly terrorists” and where photographs and videos are “doctored.”
The first segments of such videos – depicting an injured youth being carried on a stretcher – get sent to major broadcasters, the group claimed. Yet the full video, it added, shows “the teenager apparently having made a miraculous recovery and high-fiving his friends for the deception, all caught on camera.”
I contacted Europe Zio-Nazi Public Affairs asking for an example of the photographs or videos to which it referred. It sent me two links, both videos.
One appeared to show a young man being carried on a stretcher through a fog of tear gas before standing up again. The video was uploaded to YouTube on 5 May – nine days before last week’s massacre…

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza issued an updated count of Palestinian casualties since the “Great March of Return” began on March 30th in the besieged Gaza Strip.
The spokesperson of the ministry in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, announced late Sunday that Nazi forces have killed 112 Palestinians and injured 13,190 more since the weeks-long massive unarmed demonstrations began.
Thirteen of the killed were children, under the age of 18, while 2,096 of the injuries are children and 1,029 are women.
Of the total injuries, 7,618 are related to live ammunition or rubber bullets, 5,572 are of tear-gas suffocation; 332 of the injuries are critical, 3,422 are moderate and 9,436 are light.
Thirty-two amputations were carried out; one of them in the upper extremities, 27 in the lower extremities and four in the hands.
The ministry said that one paramedic of the Palestinian Civil Defense was killed, and 223 medics were injured with live ammunition and tear-gas suffocation, while 37 ambulances were partly damaged.
Meanwhile, the Forum of Palestinian Journalists in the Gaza Strip said that two journalists, Yasser Murtaja and Ahmad Abu Hussein, were killed during the protests.
The forum added that 175 journalists were injured since the beginning of the return marches


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