Palestine: Nazi Is No More

The Day ‘Israel’ Is No More

“Israel will not last ten years.”  Henry Kissinger, October 2012
For 70 years Israel has created no positive movement towards the resolution of the conflict with its Palestinian neighbors, except for stalling tactics to stealmore of their land while relentlessly committing genocide.
Israel War Crimes
Its goal is to drive ALL Palestinians out in the hope of retaining control over all of Historic Palestine. A control that is fast slipping, as the world is waking up to the reality of what Israel truly is: a brutal and genocidal Apartheid state, worse than Apartheid South Africa.
Millions of Israeli Jews have been inculcated with great hatred for the Palestinians. It’s Israel’s pitiful way of inoculating its people from the collective guilt that stems from stealing another people’s land.
However, unless Israelis strike a genuine peace deal with the very people they have been taught to hate, Apartheid Israel will collapse. And when it does it will most likely be a la South Africa, or possibly through a misguided war.
A great majority of Israeli Jews will then find it intolerable to live in a country where Palestinians are the majority, and where chances for the Arabs to rename the land Palestine are 100 to 1.
“The future is clear,” predicts Israeli journalist S. Daniel Abraham. “The Palestinians will so outnumber the Jews that Israel will be forced to give them the vote; the first bill to pass in a Palestinian-majority parliament will change the country’s name from Israel to Palestine, and the second bill will be a Palestinian ‘Law of Return.’”
When racist Zionists are done drinking God’s cup of wrath, Israelis will be leaving in droves instead of being under a true democracy with Arabs as a majority.
“Take this cup of the wine of wrath from My hand and cause all the nations to whom I send you to drink it… They will drink and stagger and go mad…” Jeremiah 25:16
In essence, the Jews will be effecting a Yerida from Israel by looking for greener pasture in the countries from whence they or their parents came from.
In other words, it will be the end of Zionist Israel.

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