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Palestine is worthy of life and deserves victory

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Imad Farhod

  · “” Palestine is worthy of life and deserves victory “”Can you believe that the opening of the largest Israeli newspaper today is telling the truth about Palestinians as a people of the best people of the land who have been to defend their rights after more than seventy years as if they were one man…

Follow the article so you know how much they know the truth: Ha Newspaper Editorial Israeli Arts translated into ArabicOne of the rarest things that live conscience exudes and the most beautiful things that intellectual freedom blossoms and the finest things that bear fruit… Read:′′ Every three days, our loss of $ 912 million from aircrafts, the price of patriots, fueling the machines, and ammunition consumption.. says, not to mention the failure of the commercial movement, landing of the stock market, and most organizations stopped and Construction and poultry deaths on farms are tens of millions of dollars, some airports and some train lines are dead, and the price of feeding fugitives to shelters, not to mention the destruction in homes, shops, cars and factories due to Palestinian resistance missiles;- We’re under a war that we’re not the ones we’re running.. and we’re certainly not the ones to end, especially since the Arab cities in Israel surprised everyone with this huge revolution against us after we thought they lost their Palestinian compass…-

This is a bad omen for the state whose politicians made sure their accounts were all wrong and their policies needed a horizon beyond what they thought…- They are the owners of the land and without the owners of the land, defend it himself, his money, and his children with this ferocity, and this pride and challenge…As a Jew, I challenge the whole state of Israel to come up with this affiliation and this cling and rooting in the land after we tasted them, we killed, imprisoned, siege, seperated, drowned them with drugs and invaded their thoughts with stingles that kept them away from their religion. They are like liberation, atheism, and doubt… But the strange thing is that someone is a drug addict, but he is defending his land and his maximum, as if he is an old man with a turban, and his voice makes God the greatest..-

The armies of all countries in full equipment did not dare to do what the Palestinian resistance did in a few days, the mask fell off the indomitable Israeli soldier and became killed and kidnapped;As long as Tel Aviv tastes resistance missiles, we better abandon our false dream of Greater Israel, and the Palestinians should have a neighbor’s country that we salute and deliver, and this only prolongs our life on this earth for a few years, and I believe that If after a thousand years, if we can continue for the next ten years as a Jewish country, then a day when we pay all the bill, the Palestinian will resurrect again, again and again, and again, and again, and again, will come once, riding his horse headed towards a hill Aviv.  · See original  · 


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