Palestine: During April .. 360 cases of arrests, including 61 minor children


  1. According to the researcher Riyad al-Ashqar, a spokesman for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center Studies, the report monitored 10 cases of arrests of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, 9 of them passing through the separation fence in the east of the Gaza Strip, including 3 children from the southern Gaza Strip. Shawi, 16, was released from the Beit Hanoun crossing.
  2. The Israeli occupation forces at the Erez / Beit Hanoun checkpoint, “Karam Mustafa Tantawi” (51 years), while returning to the Gaza Strip, and was accompanying his wife on a journey to treat cancer from the hospital in Jerusalem.
  3. Last April, the Israeli occupation forces arrested the deputy of the Legislative Council of the Ramallah governorate Hassan Yousef (63 years) after breaking into his house and searching him, less than 5 months after his release from the last arrest.
  4. The total number of years spent by the deputy Youssef behind the bars about 20 years, and suffers from several chronic diseases, including pressure and diabetes.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that the occupation continued last month to target women and mino children with arrest and summoning. The center monitored 61 cases of arrests of children, the youngest of them was Khader Mohammed Odeh, 13, from his town of Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

While 4 women were arrested during the course of their participation in an environmental course in the northern Jordan Valley. A girl was arrested at al-Za’im checkpoint, allegedly holding a knife. A woman was arrested from the occupied city of Acre while she was leaving the Aqsa Mosque.

Al-Ashqar confirmed that the number of martyrs of the prisoner movement rose in April to reach (219) martyrs, after the death of the wounded prisoner, “Omar Awni Younis,” 20 years of Qalqilya from the injury suffered a week ago

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