Pakistan’s new anti-aircraft missile likely to be deployed in Syria”


Designed to hit low level planes launching missiles at long distances against soft/civilian targets…typically the terror attacks by Israel on Damascus qualify…missiles fired from over defenseless Lebanon…

VT Damascus

The Pakistani military is weighing China’s HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles and producing the “Dongfeng-909” missile under license.

Although this missile has similar performance to the Russian S-300, it is judged to have a high accuracy to the target because it has a heat-seeking seeker and multi-angle detection device.

Currently, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran is confirming information that these missiles are purchased from Pakistan and sent to Syria because it is difficult to acquire these Western-made missiles and the country’s missile development is sluggish.

Therefore, it is highly probable that at least about 10 of these Pakistani missiles were concentrated in places where Iranian Revolutionary Guard units are deployed, such as Syria’s Sweida and Idlib.

This is a very rare case, and I’ve been checking these things through several channels.

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