November 22, 2010
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(c) 2010 by S.H. Pearson

26 November 2008 is when it started — my awareness of Pakistan. I was on the last leg of my last semester. Seeing the home-stretch and a possible graduation day. My head was down, plowing the last jagged mile.
Then the “news” hit about the Taj Mumbai and how Indians were gunned down in the streets. India and the Zionist news media were quick to point at Pakistan and yell, “terrorist.”
It seemed formulaic to me by then, their point and yell routine. I saw the same one played out on 11 September 2001. Suddenly every Muslim I saw took on a new status. One minute I was having a pleasant chat with an Egyptian Arab and the next, she wore a stigma. We sat next to each other as the news of 9/11 was announced. Immediately I saw her as a potential terrorist and religious fanatic. The power of Zionist television yet again — spreading its manure and doing its dirt. This time they were out to assassinate the character of an entire Faith.
As I was inundated with scenes from India in November 2008, I began to question the news. The killers could have been any South Asian men. It occurred to me that when you cross the border from India into Pakistan, there is no change in how people look. That is because Pakistanis are of the same breed as Indians, the Indo-Aryan race.
The Muslim Faith of Pakistan is the reason there is a Pakistan. In 1947 there was a massacre of Muslims by Hindus. After the bloodbath, it was deemed that a separate region should be allotted to Indian Muslims. Since then there has been nothing but bad blood between India and Pakistan. According to Zaid Hamid, “Pakistan and India were separated on the basis of religion. Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State just as Israel is an ideological Jewish, though illegal State, and India is an ideological Hindu Zionist State. Both India and Israel are natural allies against a State which is not just Islamic but also nuclear armed.”
Given this history, consider the following: India is a 3rd-world country known for its corruption. They test-drove socialism after the partition of Pakistan much to their disappointment. Now they are tucked in bed with Israel like much the rest of the money-loving world, doing the high-step in meeting Zionist agenda.
Part of this agenda, apparently, was to frame Pakistan for acts of terrorism in 2008. As my investigative mind ran its course on the Mumbai killings, I began to publish related questions in my university blog. Part of our grade in Online Journalism was making blog entries about current events.
My initial questions were about forensic evidence. Every dead body has a story to tell, despite the old adage that “dead men tell no tales.” This is borne out by how hard it is to get five minutes of a coroner’s time. From journalists like me they bolt for the hills. I noticed how quickly the killers were killed-off after their killing spree. It was as if they didn’t want those guys talking to anybody. As if what the killers knew was nothing unknown to those who did the clean-up job. Why else kill them off so fast? There are murderers sitting in “protective custody” to this day awaiting some kind of legal procedure. You would think that in a case of international terrorism, the “authorities” would have questions for the killers.
Give me a corpse and I can tell you volumes. Levantine Semites are of a distinct breed. Their eyes, lips, facial bones, lashes and nasal cartilage cannot masquerade as something else, any more than an Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazar can masquerade as a Semitic anything. So too, in a pure-bred race such as South Asia’s, an anatomist can discern the facial signature of an Indo-Aryan. None of this information was reported about the Mumbai killers. Why not?
In the case of our dead Mumbai shooters, medical examiners gleaned enough to seal the case. But we never heard a peep from the media. Why not?
Not long after the Mumbai media circus, I came across a series of English-language videos featuring Pakistan’s Zaid Hamid. In them he presented his thorough investigative report on the acts of terrorism that India attributed to Pakistan. I watched all the videos and read his report. Everything he said and wrote supported my earlier thoughts on the matter. What Hamid substantiated answered many of my questions. A photograph exposed one of the killers as a Hindu male by a thread bracelet he wore that is intrinsic to Hindu tradition. Call that “photographic evidence” if you will.
The most stunning detail of Hamid’s delivery was how it came at a confident gallop. If a man is not telling the truth, there is no such flow to his discourse. He will pause to think, fabricate, hesitate, and sometimes even stammer.
Truth is always in long-term memory while falsehood is not. Truth is never something one has to remember because it resides in random access memory. This is why they cross-examine witnesses in court rooms. Sooner or later, a liar will forget his previous lie. Hence the slips about the 9/11 story from government officials.
I believe that Hamid is correct in his deductions–That India employed (like my government did in 9/11) an act of “home-made terrorism.” I believe that India sacrificed its own people to perpetrate an act of false-flag warfare to frame Pakistan as a terrorist State.
This of course is supported by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) who have vested interests in disarming Pakistan as a nuclear power. This is because Pakistan makes Israel nervous and NATO genuflects to Israel.
I believe what happened in Mumbai on 26 November 2008 was an attempt to create pretext. If India had any evidence to prove their cry of Pakistani terrorism, it would have been put on the table by now.
For example, the student who allegedly killed his university fellows at Virginia Tech and the grainy video-tape of Daniel Pearl’s beheading was submitted to the public mind as truth. However, until we see forensic evidence proving who did what to whom and when, what do we really have? The word of the media? How good is that? These are the same people who wrote that a German guy killed the Lindbergh baby and Osama bin Laden master-minded 9/11.
I was a college student during the Virginia Tech Massacre and noticed right after the killings how my university installed video cameras everywhere. All the classroom doors had automatic locking devices put on them as well. Were those more staged killings to serve as pretext for other agendas? How can you disprove it? Any forensics on that Cho kid? If you are waiting for them to show up in the news, I wager you’ll have a long wait.
What the Mumbai Massacre of 2008 shares with the Nazi Holocaust is how both accusers are screaming bloody murder, yet have no evidence. If they had any evidence to prove their story, it would be flapping in the breeze from every flagpole by now and with all eyes fixated on it.
© 2010 SH Pearson

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