Pakistan Nukes and 28th May


This year’s 28th May has come amid many threats posed to Pakistan’s nuclear program. The war that has entangled

Pakistan gave more sacrifices than any of the allying

country. The French lost only 58 of its soldiers during the last 10 years of war against terrorism. Even America has very less number of casualties of its soldiers. However, setting aside Pakistan’s sacrifices the Indo-US-Israel nexus is after Pakistan’s nukes. In order to undermine Pakistan‘s peaceful and highly responsible nuclear program, the US and western media keeps on maligning it. The month of May has made its place in Pakistan’s history as 2nd will be remembered as a question mark when Pakistan’s allied country conducted Abbottabad operation to get Osama. The 22nd May attack has been termed as in retaliation of the 2nd May operation. In first action Pakistan’s ally America compromised Pakistan’ sovereignty by breaching its security while the 22nd May terrorist attack brought bad name to the security of the sensitive installations of the armed forces.

Every country and its forces are supposed to make its boundaries secure from any of internal and external threat. Pakistan armed forces have always ensured the security of the motherland. Pakistan has always been more conscious of its eastern border where India, its traditional enemy is always ready to get benefit of each and every opportunity. Pakistan is fighting war on its western border to eradicate terrorism for the last 10 years. Its major allying country is USA which breached Pakistan’s security system to undergo any of the operation and that too a solo one. America used its hi-tech to ditch Pakistan security forces and to show its nation a great success in WOT. So it found appropriate to achieve success by maligning the efforts of a major allying country Pakistan whose more than three thousand soldiers have sacrificed their lives and more than 35,000 of its citizens have been killed whereas France has only sacrificed its 58 soldiers which is nothing compared to Pakistan’s.

However keeping in view the incidents of 2nd and 22nd May America, India and other countries are defaming Pakistan in terms of the safety of its nuclear program that the same may fall into the hands of Taliban. Interestingly Taliban themselves have issued a statement showing their inability to handle the same. Obviously atomic weapons are not the grenade sort of thing that someone just has to pull out a pin and throw on the enemy.

Well it is routine matter for the American media to publish news items declaring Pakistan nukes unsafe. WikiLeaks also seem to be in line with CIA to defame Pakistan in terms of nuclear assets. History has proved that the most careless nation has been America itself as it threw atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the cities of Japan killing thousands of people and paralyzing many. Pakistan only achieved the status of nuclear state by going for atomic explosion in response to the Indian explosion made in order to gain supremacy in the region.

Despite being poor country Pakistan had to achieve the status of nuclear state so to become capable enough to protect the same as well. Pakistan’s nuclear command and control system is state of the art one which is as safe as American nukes could be. With the changing scenario and the environment America must also change its strategy to solve South Asia issues.

America’s war strategy in Afghanistan has already met a failure as former UK envoy to Afghanistan Sir Sherard Cowper has said that American Afghan war tactics are profoundly wrong. The Guardian UK narrates that “Britain’s former ambassador to Afghanistan has attacked the conduct of the war by the US commander, Gen David Petraeus, describing the future CIA chief’s tactics as counterproductive and “profoundly wrong”. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, who also served as the UK’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, added that Petraeus should be “ashamed of himself” for making claims of the number of insurgent commanders his forces had killed.”

One can easily depict why Americas and allied forces are throwing the responsibility of failure in WOT on Pakistan maligning it for its relations with the terrorists. America after not getting success in Afghanistan staged Osama operation in Pakistan and on the plea of the same wants to prove that Pakistan is not capable enough to protect its nukes assets. WOT seems a war between two civilizations as Pakistan’s allies are declining to understand Pakistan’s viewpoint. Yes Pakistan is going through crisis but it is pertinent to fight back any of the resolve to question its stability and defaming its national institutions. Yaum-e-Takbeer gives the massage to remain firm, united, and daring enough to repel any of the aggressions made by enemy or a friendly state as Pakistan’s interest stands at priority than any of the relations with the other world.


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