Pakistan Next Worldwide Threat to Humanity?



Will Pakistan be the Next Worldwide Threat to Humanity and Our Way of Life?

by Earlaiman


The Pakistan Observer asserts that the recent attack on the Pakistani Mehran Naval Base was conducted by “…professionals and fully trained terrorists backed and supported by foreign authority and intelligence network. ”

They further observe that “…The modus operandi of the terrorists was exactly like a secret operation conducted by commandos or Special Forces of a superior country behind the enemy line. There is little or no re-thinking that the action was designed, financed and supported by one or possibly two enemy of Pakistan with a greater objective… “ and that “…Officials are surprised to learn that several terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Turkestan Islamic Movement (TIP) and other groups are hitting only Pakistan and its strategic friends. ” Foreign Hand Behind PNS Mehran Base Attack in Pakistan


When you consider that al Qaeda was at the time of its inception an Osama bin Laden led asset of the CIA,created under the auspices of George H. W. Bush, then Director of the CIA, whose family had been long-time intimate business and social associates of the bin Laden family, and that although Osama bin Laden is probably dead by one means or another by now, there is little evidence that the situation between the CIA and “al Qaeda” has changed, it is not too difficult to figure out who the writers are referring to whom they describe as “foreign authority and intelligence network”.

Al Qaeda has been named as the source of manpower for a lot of the “terrorism” which has taken place in the world lately, from the attack on the USS Cole to the downing of the towers in NY City and the hole in the Pentagonan attack in Mumbai,London subway bombing, as well as a few badly botched and rather farcical “attempts” at blowing up things and people with shoe and underwear bombs.

When you consider who all of these various “terror attacks” and “attempted terror attacks” benefit, who created and controls al Qaeda, and with whom the CIA works most closely in conjunction, it does not take a helluva lot of brainpower to connect a few dots and figure out who is behind all of this and why.

I think we can look forward to more “terrorist” activity in Pakistan, perhaps some more in India, a lot of voiced concern about the **“safety of Pakistani nuclear weapons stocks,” and a number of similar arguments all pressing the point and purpose of sending Western troops into Pakistan for whatever purposes, or provoking war between India and Pakistan which will accomplish the same ends… to destroy Pakistan as a viable player in World and Middle Eastern International affairs.

A plethora of additional reading material on this topic, ranging from the Raymond Davis covert activities and murder affairs, to plain and simple pre-attack, “prepare the public for another military misadventure” saber rattling, can be found under the “People who read this article also read:” section in Pakalert, an Online News website.

Most of it points to the same conclusions I have presented here.

Read them and decide for yourself whether it is worth dashing right down to your nearest local Army recruiter and signing up… or just digging a big hole in your back yard, reinforcing it with a heavy concrete roof, stocking it with some water, a few cases of beer and some grub, and laying low for a while.

Your choice!

And/or… you can just as easily do nothing about it, relax, pour another, and wait… until the stuff gets into the fan.



  1. Rehmat

    “It is essential that we strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies the Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans,” – David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Zionist entity.

    “The metamorphosis of tiny Israel from a midget to a giant is in the making. The grand design of Judiac-Zionist expansionist doctrine is to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile,” – John Mitchell Henshaw, The American Mercury magazine, 1968.

    Pakistan is unique among the world nations which, like IsraHell, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, to name a few, were created by the Western colonial powers after the WW I. Pakistan was established as the result of over 40 years of non-violent struggle carried out by the Muslims of Indian sub-continent against the British colonialists. During the last few months this struggle, over one million Muslim men, women and children were slaughtered by the Hindu and Sikh mobs while tens of thousands of Muslim women were either victims of rapes or abducted and forced to convert to Skhism by the criminals. Most of these women ended up as prostitutes in Mumbai and other Indian cities.

    Hindu racist leaders, to this day, have not accepted the partition of Indian sub-continent. India with the help of USSR, IsraHell, the US and Afghanistan has waged three major wars on Pakistan and were able to dismember the country into two – Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. Since Pakistan achieved the distinction of being the only Muslim country which has joined the ‘Nuclear Club of Nine’ – the India-IsraHell-US trio has been funding and training the terrorist groups in Pakistan’s two strategic provinces – Balochistan (bordering Afghanistan and Iran) and the Frontier (bordering Afghanistan).

    Some of the terrorist groups in Balochistan, such as the ‘Baloch National Movement (BNM)’, were created by KGB during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan – in order to punish Islamabad for its support for the Mujahideen groups fighting the Red Army. After the demise of USSR – the BNM withered out due to lack of funds. Later the group was resurrected by CIA and Mossad. The US Jewish lobby groups have created a PR group called ‘Friends of Balochistan’ – just like they created the ‘Save Darfur’, whose funds were diverted to IsraHell for building housing projects for Nazi settlers on Arab stolen lands……..


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