Pakistan: NATO Warplanes Crossed Border, Attacked Military Post

At Least Six Bombs Dropped on Outpost in Mohmand Agency

Pakistan’s government filed an official protest with the United States today following a cross-border attack by NATO warplanes from Afghanistan against a military post in Mohmand Agency.

Pakistan said two jets had crossed the border into Pakistani airspace and that they had dropped six bombs on the military post, which lies just a mile and a half from the border with Afghanistan. No deaths were reported.
The Foreign Ministry termed the attack a “serious concern” and called for the US to assist in a “joint inquiry” of how the attack happened. NATO has yet to comment on the attack.
The attack comes just a day after Afghan militants crossed the border against the nearby Bajaur Agency, attacking three villages. Though NATO had often complained about Pakistan’s lack of control over the tribal area, increasingly it is cross-border attacks from both NATO and the militants coming into Pakistan, not the other way around.

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