Pakistan Army Rejects US Report on November Killings


Formal Rejection of Claim November 26 Attack Was ‘Self-Defense’

The Pakistani Army today finally offered its formal rejection of the US military report claiming the November 26 US attack on a pair of Pakistani military bases, which killed 24 soldiers, was “self-defense.”
Unsurprisingly, the army rejected the US’s attempt to blame Pakistan. In its own report, the Pakistani Army said its firing from the attacked base targeted militants inside Pakistani territory, and not US troops inside Afghanistan as the Pentagon has claimed.
The US said the attack was “self-defense” and that the killings of the Pakistani soldiers were “justified,” blaming the Pakistani government for “poor communication” after the multi-hour US attack.
Pakistan’s military has insisted it was in contact with NATO within minutes of the attack’s start and that NATO was already apologizing for the attack while US bombs continued to fall.

5 thoughts on “Pakistan Army Rejects US Report on November Killings”

  1. 30.06 says:

  2. Ingrid B says:

    when the parasites kill children, they claim self defence..

  3. Adalberto Erazo says:

    Is it any wonder why everyone around the world is infuriated with America and IsraHell? The complete arrogance and pathological lying as well as hypocrisy and refusal to take responsibility for crimes they have committed causes everyone to turn against them. Rightfully so I might add.

  4. Isaac says:

    The parasites are always the victims no matter what. I hope those words are real and not like the Jew puppet Erdogan in Turkey.

  5. Adalberto Erazo says:

    Pakistan is in a similar situation to the rest of the Muslim countries but it still has some form of independence. The problem is the traitors in Pakistan who are trying to undermine the country and are in the service of the CIA/Mossad/Raw who are there to break up the country.Way too many politicians in the country such as the likes of Zardari who are paid to look the other way while their citizens are being murdered by drone strikes,abducted to be tortured, and being murdered by the TTP. The only line of defense protecting Muslims is Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The only way out is for the Muslim countries is to unite in order to defend themselves from the predatory tendencies of outsiders who would do them harm(like the judeo-christian zionist crusaders). Pakistanis should thank God for men like Zaid Hamid who is out there warning his people of the danger and rallying them to unify under the banner of Islam especially in these troubling times. All I can say is that Zaid Hamid reminds me of Scotland’s William Wallace. I don’t know why but he does at least for me. This is an old video but it’s a powerful speech.



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