by Laura Stuart


O.K. I admit I mislead readers with that headline, of course Gilad’s book is not banned, what it should have read was P.S.C. members who read books “we” don’t like should be banned.
Wait a minute, let me put that more clearly; the book should be banned, the people who read it should be banned and probably the P.S.C. should be banned as well.
This is “the word” according to Anthony Cooper.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign members are holding a book reading circle in Brighton. This seemingly innocent and gentle pastime is causing outrage to Anthony Cooper someone whom I know little about except that he appears to be some kind of Gestapo inspired thought police, he certainly spends a lot of time cyber stalking P.S.C. members and what they do in their spare time.
The P.S.C. made a huge error of judgement when they started trying to appease Zionist and so called Anti Zionist bullies, who knows where this McCarthy like hunt for  alleged anti Semites (people that Jews don’t like) might end.

So long as its members are happy to join Holocaust deniers to study racist books, the PSC shouldn’t expect reasonable people to take their words seriously.

Evidently “reasonable people” think you should only read books which meet with their approval, no matter that we have laws in the U.K. against racism which would ensure “racist books” were banned.  “The Wandering Who” by Gilad Atzmon is endorsed by a long list of humanists headed by no less than John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk. Of course Anthony Cooper and Tony Greenstein have a lot in common in so much as they both like to perpetuate the lie that Gilad Atzmon is a holocaust denier, which he is not.
It would be nice to see the P.S.C. finally join the resistance and become a real solidarity movement, then we really would be able to take them seriously.

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