October 15, 2010
by Gordon Duff

No to Combat Veterans for Congress


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

COMBAT VETERANS FOR CONGRESS is a thinly veiled front organization for AIPAC, the Israel lobby, oil companies, the “bankster” and insurance lobbys and right wing extremists.  This is another rehash of the mindless hag, Sarah Palin, “Hanoi John” McCain and his front man “Bud” Day, America’s most questionable Medal of Honor holder and Wall Street money.  This is a phony organization, to its roots, un-American, destructive to honorable American values and, from top to bottom, genuinely EVIL.

Presented as “fiscal conservatives,” their candidates are slaves to special interest groups, the State of Israel and the foreign interests that are secretly financing their campaign with money that could come from anywhere.  We are looking at the drug trade in Afghanistan as the primary funder of “conservative” candidates in the upcoming election.  Their goal?  Keep American in the war,  Keep America loosing.  Keep chaos in Afghanistan and keep the drugs flowing.

These are the same “fiscal conservatives” that collapsed our banking system, ran up $8 trillion dollars in debt and put us in two wars.  Now they are running 24 candidates, really puppets, people without values and dignity who are willing to cash in on their military service, sell out their fellow soldiers and look forward to a lifetime of sleeze at the hands of the lobbyists behind “Combat Veterans For Congress.”

We encourage every veteran to visit their website.  www.combatveteransforcongress.org

America has hundreds of thousands of combat veterans who aren’t joined at the hip with Ed Meese’s Heritage Foundation, the “Neo-con Taliban” and the rest of the rats that looted America’s financial system, lied us into wars, torture, drug dealing and corruption.  We don’t need anymore “sell outs” that look down on veterans, vote to cut benefits and place banks and pharmaceutical companies above real human beings.

This is the gang behind “Combat Veterans for Congress.”

We encourage every veteran to make sure that any other candidate is supported.  It would be impossible for anyone to be worse than a candidate that would sell out to this thinly veiled war profiteer and scamster organization.  Careful examination of the backers of this organization clearly show a long history of lack of support for American veterans, betrayal of American POWs and strong ties to illicit financial organizations.

In a campaign flooded with dirty foreign money, nearly every cent of which is behind politicians with IDENTICAL party affiliations and views as our “combat vets,” Americans are in real danger of becoming a colony again, this time for a vast international banking cartel. 

Real veterans have real issues.  Thousands are dead, tens of thousands or more are sick, we are almost out of Iraq, a disaster of a war that brought shame on the United States more than any conflict in our history, a shame dumped on our troops but that belongs on our politicians.

Those politicans are running “Combat Veterans for Congress,” a thinly veiled group of war profiteers, extremists and friends of the rich and powerful.  When courageous and outspoken American patriots were railroaded out of our military by Dominionist “Taliban” and the political “commissars” of the new Fascism, our military suffered most of all. 

Shame on every one of you that has gotten involved in this organization.  Thus far, of the hundreds of thousands who served and the thousands who have died, we have 24 “bad apples.

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