Open Carry Advocates Harassed by Police During Counter-Buyback Protest (Video)


Open Carry advocates take on Wayne County MI Sheriff’s Department

By Daniel Edinger
The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department was assisting a church and a law firm in Detroit in disarming law abiding citizens. Law abiding? Yes. Criminals don’t turn in their guns at buybacks. They still need them as tools of the trade. Our group of about 40 protesters spent about 4 hours attempting to counter-buyback. Private gun sales are legal in Michigan.
One member of our group was harassed and handcuffed. He was issued a citation for disorderly conduct, but has yet to receive any mail regarding the charge meaning that the charge was likely not filed. It was nothing more than an attempt at intimidation. As you will see, I am not easily intimidated and neither are my brothers in arms. Please check out our group. We have a few videos on Youtube of our activities. (See here.) If you Google “Detroit gun buy back” quite a few articles from this event will turn up.

Probably 75 percent of the sheriffs on site were respectful, but a handful of them were obnoxious and in-our-faces about everything. They kept threatening to arrest us for impeding traffic on the sidewalk despite there being very few pedestrians and despite the fact that they drove a cruiser up on the sidewalk at one point and blocked it for about 30 minutes.

They collected around 200 guns and we collected around 40. We also encouraged people to take their guns home and learn how to use them – they live in Detroit after-all. When you live in Detroit (or anywhere else for that matter), you can’t rely on the police to help you, you have to rely on yourself.
The most important thing when dealing with ignorant police is to arm yourself with knowledge.
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