Only Jews Have a Right to Their Identity, Claims Leading Jewish Supremacist


European Americans who want to keep America’s “essence” European are a “scourge” but Israel has a “non-negotiable right” to be Jewish.

This is the opinion of leading anti-European Jewish supremacist Menachem Rosensaft, who claims to be the “Founding Chairman of the International Network of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors” and regular columnist in the Zionist-controlled mass media.

The blatant hypocrisy of this Jewish Supremacist is typical of that group’s attitude towards all peoples: no other nation has the existence in its own right, but Israel and Jews have an absolute right to their identity and their own country.

Rosensaft’s hypocrisy is contained in two articles he has penned for the Huffington Post’s ‘World’ section. The first, titled White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away  had the following to say about a number of European-Americans, including Professor Kevin MacDonald, who have dared to speak out in favor of keeping America American: “We all know that there are bigots amongst us who espouse theories of racial, ethnic or religious superiority. They have the right to express their views, however noxious, on street corners or on their websites. No one, however, is obliged to invite them to be part of polite society.”

Yet  in another article dealing with Israel and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s reference to “Palestine” at a United Nations’ General Assembly meeting, Rosensaft wrote that “a permanent, eternal Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel is non-negotiable” in an article titled Israel’s Jewish Essence Is Non-Negotiable: A Response to Mahmoud Abbas. 

This admission reveals well the astonishing hypocrisy at work in the Jewish Supremacist mindset. Any attempt by any people, anywhere, be they Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, or Europeans, to assert their identity and right to self-determination, is to be fiercely opposed and attacked with all the opprobrium possible.

Simultaneously, these same Jewish Supremacists will fanatically support Israel’s right to be Jewish, without blinking at eye or missing a beat.

Rosensaft is but one of many such blatant hypocrites amongst the Jewish Supremacists, and the world will not know peace until their power is broken.

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