Seven Muslims Detained in Nevada for Praying Outside

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a misconduct complaint against police officers in the Nevada city of Henderson after seven Muslim men were detained for praying in public. The men had stopped at a shopping center at sunset to pray in the parking lot. One of the men used his cell phone to videotape the police officer explaining why they were being detained.

Muslim Man: “You, knowing that we’re just Muslims here praying…”

Police Officer: “But I don’t know that.”

Muslim Man: “Well, we are praying. You know there’s a Muslim prayer. Is that enough for you to say that it’s a suspicious activity?”

Police Officer: “Well, that’s why I’m checking it out.”

Muslim Man: “So you think it is?”

Police Officer: “Do I think it is? I think that somebody out there called us and said, ‘Hey, check this out.’ Did I see you guys praying? No. Do I know what you were saying. I mean, I don’t know if you guys repeat the same thing or if you’re actually over there going, ‘I hope I don’t kill a police officer today.’ I don’t know that you’re not saying that.”

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