On Pakistan Hunt

By Shahid Zahur


The arrogance in Americans is visible in all spheres, and life of an American citizens is precious than the blood of hundreds of non Americans. They have got the license to invade or kill and no country/UN has the right to check them. Hitler took his nation on similar path, used propaganda effectively and made his people believe that they are superior to others.  In that phobia, the world suffered but Germans met with humiliating defeat. History always repeats itself but unfortunately what we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

After 9/11, USA went on killing spree on the pretext of saving Americans from terrorist’s attacks. The targets are unfortunately Muslims countries and with no mercy, air raids, drone attacks and ground attacks are continuing. The so called champions of human rights are spilling the blood of innocent people including women and children around the world. They have a propaganda tool in their hand that they are killing the terrorists, but what about the collateral damage.  It’s amazing that the West, India and Israel are dovetailing with American policies.  USA and west never took notice of heinous crimes and killing of innocent Palestinians and Kashmiries. Even on 15th May dozens of stone throwing protestors were killed in Palestine and daily people are being gun down in occupied Kashmir.

Now a game plan to defame Pakistan is being unfolded by our so called most trusted friend and strategic partner USA. As per a British Newspaper, Obama has approved a plan where by American troops will land to nuclear sites, if USA feels that there is a danger to these weapons from terrorists. Although Mr. Kerry has denied this report and said that he is ready to write with his blood that Americans are not after Pakistan’s nukes.  But the big question is, can we trust the Americans. Mr. Powel lied in front of the whole world and cheated the UN by showing fake evidence and documents that Iraq was having weapons of Mass Destruction. Similarly, our most important ally took lead from ISI but CIA kept ISI in darkens regarding information sharing against Osama and let us down.  Civilian nuclear deal has been struck with Indians, although she is not a signatory of Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  Pressler amendments were imposed on Pakistan and we also witnessed the drama of 7th Fleet which never reached because Indians were given the free hand in former East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). The bitter memories of the past have been further compounded due to Abbottabad Operation. Targeting nuclear assets doesn’t mean to destroy it, it means to create the situation, make the world believe that these weapons are not safe and can fall in to the hands of terrorists. Soviet Union had these weapons but economically they were destabilized and results of their choice were achieved by Americans.

As per Daily Telegraph the initial intelligence about Osama was given by Pakistan but USA intentionally kept Pakistan away from this operation because they wanted to take the credit for themselves to raise the sagging popularity of Obama government.  Like weapons of Mass Destruction bluff, they blamed that Pakistan was hiding Osama which is absurd. Pakistan lost more than 40,000 people, killed and captured hundreds of Al-Qaida members, including Khalid Shiekh. Thousand of terrorist’s attacks took place and Pakistan is economically almost collapsed but the blame game is still on. I agree that some security lapses did occur but blaming and humiliating the whole nation is not correct. Its amazing that after 9/11 and 7/7 no terrorist attack took place in America or West but the war is continuing and Pakistanis, the major sufferer are being declared as accused. The peanut aid is far less than our losses. It’s not aid but some repayment of our expenses on War on Terror.  By passing or cheating each other is disastrous, Pakistan is a responsible state and it must be treated as a true partner and not as a subservient country. Dictation, pressure tactics and allegations will further complicate the issue. The root causes of terrorism should be addressed and CIA agents like Raymond Davis should not have the license to kill. Drone attacks must be stopped and these be given to Pakistan. The dangerous game of violating the sovereignty of any country should end forthwith. The world must ensure that USA doesn’t make the UN hostage because of money.

The recent visit of US special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Grossman is seems to be a damage control exercise but Pakistanis who were already apprehensive with the US intentions are not prepared to become part of their double game. Grossman has again talked about the billions of dollars aid being given to Pakistan. The citizens of Pakistan are now questioning that is it the money which matters. Can these peanut dollars bring back more than forty thousand martyrs, can it heals the wounds of millions, can it restore our economy which suffered after 9/11, can the devastated bomb blasts and killing be stopped and peace is brought back to Pakistan?  The answer is negative,  then USA should stop threatening and humiliating Pakistan.  USA and West are fighting war on our soil. We are being killed by the terrorists and even own allies but do more mantra continues.

Pakistan needs to come out from the talking mode and prepare a Road Map to be followed by the government. The institutions, especially parliament must play its role. Looting and plundering the national exchequer should be finished. We have all the resources but not the will to use them. Instead of getting distinction in the roll of corrupt countries, we need to work, work and work for the progress of Pakistan, only then we can earn the respect, sovereignty and true independency. Secret deals must end and by defaming own security agencies, we are strengthening our enemies. We must think ten times before we speak or take action. Individuals could go wrong but not the institution. If we strengthened the institutions, respect the law and be honest to ourselves then we can rise and shine Insha Allah.

USA must remember that if double standards, carrot and stick policies are not changed and Pakistan is intentionally defamed or pushed against the wall then the results could be disastrous. The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is already bad and now homing on to Pakistan would be a strategic blunder. USA and West should rehash their   policies and do take measures to make their countries safe from terrorists but not on the cost of Pakistanies. If we are friends then friendship should remain in all weather like our friend China.

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