Olmert: PM who won’t make peace is idiot


Former leader maintains harsh words weren’t intended for country’s current head of government, says peace will drastically change Middle East for the good

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had unsympathetic words to say about the current negotiations with the Palestinians, insisting however that his criticism wasn’t aimed at any certain current leader of Israel.
“Even a very stupid prime minister who makes peace will get positive press. But a prime minister who is an idiot will not make peace,” Olmert said.
At a conference at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Olmert said he was just speaking in general.
“I’m not running a campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and I’m not here to criticize him during these critical moments.”
Olmert said a peace deal will help Israel in every field.
“The benefits that the State of Israel will reap will be gigantic in every field,” he said. “All of the Middle East will change, even if we only achieve peace with the Palestinians.”
And the change would happen simultaneously, he said.
“All at once, the core of the Middle East will be flipped over and it will turn into a stronger, richer and more successful place,” Olmert said. “Israel’s stature will change completely.”
Olmert said that all that needs to be done to make peace is to act.
“We just have to make tough decisions.”

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