Oded Yinon Speaks Again

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Reported by Gilad Atzmon
Years after Israel Shahak translated Oded Yinon’s (1982) Plan into English, we have a chance to listen to contemporary Yinon. I was notified about this this youtube video by a FB friend.  Strangely enough, the video has as of today, a very small number of views. Yinon is an ultra Zionist. He is not shy about it and considering his ‘prophetic’  vision of the Middle East back in 1982 it is worth listening to his perception of Israel, World Jewry and the Middle East.
To learn about the Yinon Plan click here
In the interview Yinon insists that his strategic plan for the Middle East wasn’t really a plan and it has never matured into an Israeli policy. However, he admits that some of his 1982  ideas were adopted by the IDF intelligence (AMAN) at the time of the Civil War in Syria  (22.40).   The breaking of the Middle East into tribal wars has been postponed according to Yinon but the roots of such a battle are far from over, they are basically inherent to the region.
According to Yinon peace with the Palestinians is unlikely and Israel should invest in its ownbuilding. Yinon predicts that USA Jews have no future in America, “America was the biggest (best)  solution to the Jewish problem before Zionism, but today Zionism proves itself as the only solution.” He  argues that American Jews will find themselves detached from American politics, culture and society. The holocaust is long away faded from American consciousness and this is, according to him, bad news for the Jews. They will have to wander and their destination is clear. For those who fail to understand, this is hardly a promising news for the Palestinians and the region.

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