OctRev – JB 1/3 – What does USSR mean to my generation?


Joti Brar, member of the CPGB-ML, Asks what does the USSR and October Revolution mean to the generation of ‘Thatcher’s Children’?

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GgbG4x1cSY
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXR1K_RvkhI
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS7pcHreUcU

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  • On top of that any given system is dependant upon the people that it is built upon, if you have amoral people, well youre likely to have an amoral system and finally these faults are further projected by the state.

    perseverance8 2 years ago

  • Seriously, I think you’ve been watching too many movies. The Matrix, was it? Power corrupts… then give it to the masses. THat is communism. Anarchism begets capitalism begets monopoly perseverence. There is so much bourgeois, even religious, thought inside your ‘radical’ philosophy. It is never going to be a catalyst for positive change, just cynicism and scorn. Give it up!

    ProletarianCPGBML in reply to perseverance8 2 years ago 2 

  • Wasn’t it illegal for Soviet citiziens to leave the country? How does the CPGB-ML justify that?

    jumpnjza2 2 years ago 4 

  • This is a total red herring of an accusation!

    1) The vast majority under capitalism are forbidden from traveling.. not by any law that needs to be written; but by the iron law of economics, that impoverishes the vast masses.

    2) Travel within the socialist block was possible, but limited by needs of balanced development.

    3) the capitalist world did not allow free travel with right of return to socialist citizens

    the very question, as it is formulated, seeks to stand the truth on its head.

    ProletarianCPGBML in reply to jumpnjza2 2 years ago 6 

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  • Workers of the world UNITE against fascist-capitalist monsters and Save our planet !!! LONG LIVE GREAT COMMUNISM= DEATH TO FASCISM AND CAPITALISM !!!!!

    workergirls 2 years ago 18 

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  • the question is, what do you support, soviet communism, north korean communism, or chinese communism, please reply me.

    breizhcatalonia1993 3 weeks ago in playlist What does the Soviet Union mean to our generation? (speech)

  • Sorry, communism gives power to the masses, but a*********m is no power, is the chaos, i tolerate all ideas and though im a right winger i have kind of mental mix of left (communist) and right ideas so maybe in the future i become what your party defends.

    breizhcatalonia1993 in reply to ProletarianCPGBML (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago in playlist What does the Soviet Union mean to our generation? (speech)

  • I see what you mean? People do say Socialism/ Communism ”is a nice idea in theory, but not in practise”. To an exstend thats true, Socialism is not perfect, to be fair we never claimed it was. Moreover how could you ever bring about, forgive me proper socialism in a capitialist world?

    jmagowan12 1 month ago

  • And the Japan bombing wasn’t necessary because with armies like China and North Korea.

    They could’ve gone up to Japan and be like bye bitches.

    But they didn’t, they’re still somewhat moral and think they shouldn’t kill innocent 2 year olds.

    Lol, but fuck America did, didn’t they.

    CommieDemocraticMMD 2 months ago

  • I believe Stalin was an idiot.

    What’s fucked up is that they don’t talk about Lenin.

    The true Communists of the 20th century were Lenin and Mao!

    They don’t teach people anything about the Soviet Union saving everyone at all in WWII.

    Without the USSR we wouldn’t be the same today.

    All people hear is that USA gave goods and ended the war.

    Sorry, what.

    Why did Hitler kill himself?

    Because of the brave Russian people.

    Russians ended the war by making Hitler kill himself.

    CommieDemocraticMMD 2 months ago

  • look at our gouvernement now it’s all lie’s after lie’s

    6336ist 4 months ago

  • @sparky6952: Go live in Somalia – it’s an anarcho-capitalist paradise pretty close to Thatcher’s doctrine, with pirates, mafia, and a lower GDP per capita than North Korea. When you go and enjoy living in that laissez-faire capitalist heaven called Somalia, she’ll probably go to North Korea too… :)) If you think Thatcher stood for freedom, you are just as deluded as a Stalinist, so you should probably follow your own advise and move away from leftist Europe to the capitalist 3rd world. :))

    Vict0r1984 4 months ago

  • you are completly deluded.Those dictators on the wall killed millions, and made a totalitarian state.The workers demanded its end.Thatcher stood for freedom, and prosperity,Go and live in North Korea

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