Occupation transfers striking prisoners for solitary


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

GAZA – The Prison Information Office said on Sunday evening that the Nazi Camp Department transferred prisoners on hunger strike for solitary confinement .

According to the office, the Nazi Camp Administration transferred the hunger strikers Abbas al-Sayyed, deputy head of the Supreme Command of the Hamas Prisoners, and the official of the committee and members of the committee Ashraf Azghir and Ahmed al-Qidra to solitary confinement cells.

The prisoners’ media quoted the captive movement as calling on all prisoners to prepare for any decision issued by them to defend the rights and gains and face the Nazi repression machine.

He added that the Nazi Camp Administration insists on its position not to implement what has been agreed on the removal of carcinogenic jamming devices, stressing that new leaders of the captive movement and a number of prisons will join a hunger strike in Nazi Camp for not implementing the prisoners’ demands.

He stressed that the conditions inside the prisons “taking the curve escalation, and the coming hours are crucial,” pointing out that “the prisoners closed a few sections in the prisons;

The prison administration is putting jamming devices inside the prisons in an attempt to interfere with communication devices that secretly enter detainees.

The jamming devices cause pain and headaches for detainees, and prevent them from communicating with their families even though they are not allowed to use public telephones in prisons, according to human rights organizations and families of detainees.

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