Occult Forces [1943]


by deLiberation
by Peter Gebert

Occult Forces – 1943 (Director Jean Many)
You don’t often hear about someone being executed for making a film.  In fact, this is the first time I have ever read of it occurring, but it makes me think it’s not the only time it has happened.   I found this film on the INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW (IHR) website.  After watching the film, I can’t help thinking similar forces are working in similar ways in western governments today.  The film accuses Freemasonry and to a lesser extent Jewry of pushing France into declaring war on Germany in 1939.  The people who made the film paid dearly for it after WW II ended.  The IHR’s description of the film:
This 1943 French production is perhaps the most important anti-Masonic feature film ever made. It tells the story of a young member of the French parliament who joins a Freemason lodge at the urging of colleagues. Although made with German encouragement and support, it nonetheless reflected broad French sentiment. People recalled with outrage the notorious “Stavisky affair” of 1934, involving the fraud of a Russian-born Jewish embezzler, and the politicians’ decision to plunge the nation into needless war against Germany in 1939. After France’s “liberation,” the film’s director, producer and screenplay writer were severely punished for their role in this production. Director Jean Many (Paul Riche), a former Freemason, was sentenced to death, and executed.  With English subtitles.

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