Obama’s Trojan Horse: America’s Cuban Soft Coup


Global Research News Hour episode 205


Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes 

(translation: Beware Greeks bearing gifts.)

– from the Aeneid by Virgil


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For more than half a century, the United States government, under both Democratic and Republican presidents, presented what could only be described as a campaign of terror against the population of Cuba.

The Cuban people, under the Revolutionary leadership of Fidel Castro Ruz, had overthrown the regime U.S. Proxy Battista. With popular support, the Castro-led government ushered in reforms that improved the conditions of the people, investing in health care, education, social security, and infrastructure.

The government survived the U.S. backed ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion as well as the Mongoose operation offensives. An embargo was placed on the country, crippling its ability to trade with the U.S. And its partners.

When the U.S.S.R collapsed in the early ’90s, Cuba’s economic development was severely compromised. Then, on December 17 2014, a remarkable announcement: the U.S. And Cuba would re-establish diplomatic relations and move toward normalizing that relationship. As part of this re-visioning of Cuba-U.S. Relations, President Obama agreed to release the remaining Cuban Five!

There seemed to be cause for celebration. Withstanding everything that the Empire had to throw at Cuba, the U.S. seemed to have waved the white flag, and embarked on a new path on the world stage.

Except that new path turns out to be merely a different route to the same destination. Or so believes Arnold August. The author and long-time Cuba scholar believes that Obama’s charm offensive from ’17D’ right up to the end of his presidency a year ago, was far from a declaration of surrender. It signalled a new assault, albeit with a different character.

In his most recent book, Cuba-US relations: Obama and Beyond, August holds that the U.S. under Obama has adopted a ‘Trojan Horse’ strategy. Essentially, by gaining diplomatic and economic access to the country, the U.S. President is hoping to identify, co-opt, and corrupt elements of the society, and use them as instruments to undermine the Revolution.

August elaborates on the U.S. Change of strategy in the first part of the program.

In the second half, Professor Michel Chossudovsky examines one specific element of Cuban Society: The Intelligentsia. Professor Chossudovsky identities the ways by which U.S. aligned Non-Governmental organizations and foundations are sponsoring a sophisticated insurgency on the minds of the Cuban leaders of tomorrow. He also opens up about a personal encounter he had with this diabolical scheme, when he responded to a conference invitation to Cuba in the fall of 2015.

Arnold August has an M.A. in political science from McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec. An accomplished author, he is the author of the recent book, Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond.

Arnold August will speak in Winnipeg on January 18 7pm at McNally Robinson Booksellers at 1400 Grant Avenue.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Ottawa. A visiting professor to several institutions around the world, he has authored more than 800 scholarly articles and 11 books, including his most recent: The Globalization of War: Washington’s Long War on Humanity (2015).Professor Chossudovsky speaks in Winnipeg on Monday, January 15th and in Vancouver on January 16th on the question of North Korea and the Danger of Nuclear War.

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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