September 1, 2010 
by Robert L. Hanafin

Yesterday prior to President Obama’s speech on the so-called End of U.S. Combat in Iraq (that remains to be seen when dead American troops stop returning home in flag draped caskets), I posted the views of several Military Family and Veteran Peace groups, plus one moderate young Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans group VoteVets.

Now that the media pundits have had their shot at blessing Obama’s speech and take on re-branding the occupation of Iraq just in time for the November 2010 elections, the Obama administration and Democrats in general will find themselves in a damned if we don’t and damned if we do scenario come the mid-term Congressional elections. It is already a fact that Obama’s popularity in the polls is almost competing with that of the man he replaced on saluted last night for giving us the Iraq War – G.W. Bush.

There is no better way for Obama to put himself, his party, and his wars in the Bush camp than to praise the man the Democrats did a pretty good job of demonizing or Obama would not be sitting in the White House.

Our humble opinion here at Veterans Today is that too many people across the political spectrum (with the exception of maybe Blue Dog Democrats) have seen through Obama’s political message last night – at least the spin was a short presentation.

Below is how Veterans of War, Veterans of PEACE would have presented Obama’s message without the SPIN.

Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, GS-14, U.S. Civil Service-Retired, Veterans Today News Network

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