Vote Fraud Expert Says Obama Stole Caucus Primaries

By Victor Thorn

“Vote early, and vote often.” That saying sums up the outlook of the Chicago “political mob” that is infamous for fixing elections, from the days of Al Capone to Sam Giancana’s 1960 deal with JFK to more recent times. In a new documentary, “We Will Not Be Silenced 2008,” filmmaker and lifelong Democrat Gigi Gaston provides evidence that the Obama camp utilized an array of strong-arm tactics to manipulate the caucus process during his primary run against Hillary Clinton.
This writer began a recent interview with Ms. Gaston by stating, “After watching your film, it appears as if the DNC, mainstream media and those who oversee the electoral process decided that Obama was going to defeat Hillary come hell or high water.”
Gaston responded: “I agree. They won by being brutes. One person, one vote has always been the great equalizer. But if we don’t fix the system now, we’re going to lose our republic. They’ll control the votes for the rest of our lives.”
In her documentary, Gaston focuses specifically on primary caucuses where instead of individual ballots being cast, a political party allows groups of delegates to form coalitions before deciding upon the victor. The
word “caucus” is derived from an Algonquian word meaning “a gathering of tribal chiefs.” Today, these chieftains are corrupt political bosses.
Gaston explained precisely how the Philadelphia Black Panther case relates to the caucus situation. “Obama’s people would stand at the door of a polling place and intimidate voters wearing Hillary buttons.
Usually they targeted those who were weakest, such as the elderly, poor, blacks and Hispanics. Oftentimes they would deliberately fail to locate their names in the registration books, or send them to incorrect precincts.”
Other tactics were more brutal. Gaston continued, “There are reports that one woman in a wheelchair was thrown down a flight of stairs. Obama’s representatives also copied names out of phone books into the caucus logs, or destroyed Hillary’s sign-in sheets.”
In her film, Gaston cites Dr. Linda Hayes, a Houston, Texas precinct worker. “The Obama camp’s philosophy is simple: we have the numbers; we don’t have to follow your rules. So, they overwhelm the system with illegal signatures, create chaos and steal the election.”
She also documents the doctoring of delegate lists, how roll call voters were pressured to support Obama, the harassment of campaign workers, and even an instance in Gary, Ind., where schoolchildren were bussed into a polling place to sign caucus sheets for Obama. In Texas, despite Hillary winning the popular vote, Obama’s people played the system enough to rig the outcome and emerge victorious.

When asked if Mrs. Clinton was aware of this damning proof, Gaston replied, “I personally handed my film to her at the Democratic National Convention. I also presented it to senior advisor Ann Lewis, party activist John Siegel and the DNC’s chairperson. None of them has responded to these charges.”
Further, she presented this crucial evidence to MSNBC, CNN, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly—and even spoke directly with Sean Hannity during his radio show.
The only person willing to highlight this rampant corruption was Alisyn Camerota of Fox & Friends. This AFP writer asked Gaston if she felt that Chicago’s criminal cabal was behind these malicious practices. “I don’t have verifiable proof, but all roads point in that direction,” said Ms. Gaston. “Plus, everyone in the Democratic Party who investigates voter fraud belongs to the Obama camp. Even worse, they plan on having more caucuses in 2012, which means it’ll be easier to lie and pull their shenanigans. So far, not one person has been punished.”
This cover-up extends to the highest levels of power. “From what I understand,” Gaston elaborated, “the Department of Justice is fully aware of my allegations.”
Gaston’s film exposes the grotesque abuses of our electoral process, with the caucus system being comparable to tactics used in communist countries. In essence, Democratic Party chairpersons trump individual voting rights, issue threats against whistleblowers, while Obama’s Chicago gangsters strong arm anyone attempting to expose their widespread voting violations.
As one Iowa eyewitness told Gaston, “When the machine is behind someone, they use every resource available to make sure that person wins.”
Renowned attorney Gloria Allred, who also appears on camera, provides the only viable solution. “Caucuses should be eliminated. There is no integrity in this process.”

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