Obama Demands “that ALL Political Prisoners Be Released, Not Just One”

Ralph Iver

November 13, 2010

Tonight’s MSNBC News televised the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-Democracy leader of Myanmar. (Click on picture at left for the video.)   Across all media reports, Obama refers to Kyi as “a hero of mine”.  Public comments and blogs are already pointing out that statement to be a curious statement for a president who is accused of being a foreigner and Muslim while showing favoritism to southeast Asian people, many of whom are Muslim.

The kicker comes with the so far very little reported statement by Obama that ALL political prisoners be released, not just one.

HELLO??  Guantanamo?  Where was the promised “change” regarding the prisoners in Guantanamo?  In fact, the United States has quite a history of political imprisonment and false accusations against its own American citizens!  How about the falsely accused Edgar J. Steele

Or David Lane, who died in prison and was kept there as an example to anyone who would speak out for the rights of people because they are White?  Our own David Duke was a target for political imprisonment as he dedicated his life to expose Jewish supremacist and their hold on power over the rest of America, as well as Europe.

How about Obama step up and demand the liberation of Vincent Reynouard, politically imprisoned in France for heretical opinions?  His only “weapon” was a pen.  Revisionist research and discussion of the Holocaust from any but  the official view is punishable in most European countries with time behind iron. 

That’s political imprisonment.  Where was Obama when Ernst Zundel was finally released from political imprisonment in Germany?  Seventy-four year old Horst Mahler is likely behind bars with a 12-year sentence, revenge for insulting Jewish Michel Friedman, former VP of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.  There was Brad Love and Terry Tremaine of Canada, and David Irving of the UK.

ALL political prisoners?  I’d like to see this community organizer in Chief hold true to that one!

Article Source:  Ralph Iver
Additional Source: KNVN News

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