Obama Administration Pressures European Leaders to Accuse Moscow of “Russian Aggression” against the EU


It’s too early to know if Trump will diverge from longstanding US policy toward Russia, wanting regime change – pro-Western puppet governance replacing its sovereign independence.

EU leaders and parliamentarians bow to US pressure, time and again absurdly calling Russia a threat, harming their own self-interest in the process.

Sanctions were imposed and renewed. EU leaders and European parliamentarians said they’ll remain in place as long as (nonexistent) “Russian aggression” continues, and the overwhelming will of Crimeans to rejoin the Russian Federation is reversed.

The European Parliament, Council of the European Union and European Commission share EU legislative functions separate from individual member states’ right of initiative power to propose and enact new laws for their respective countries.

In October, the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee endorsed a document titled EU Strategic Communication to Counteract Propaganda Against It by Third Parties.”

Without supporting evidence, it accused Moscow of spreading “disinformation and propaganda seeking to maintain or increase (its) influence to weaken and split the EU.”

 Without justification, it claimed “a large part of the Kremlin’s hostile propaganda is aimed at describing some European countries as belonging to ‘Russia’s traditional sphere of influence,’ thereby undermining their sovereignty and deeply rooted European identity, which in the past has been undermined by communist regimes.”

It nonsensically said “Russian backing of anti-EU forces in the EU with regard, in particular, to extreme-right parties, populist forces and movements…den(ies) the basic values of liberal democracies.”

It  added Russia’s “main strategy is to circulate and impose an alternative narrative, often based on a manipulated interpretation of historical events and aimed at justifying its external actions and geopolitical interest.”

EU parliamentarians are currently considering a resolution aimed at “tackl(ing) Russian and ISIS propaganda.”

It calls for “respond(ing) to information warfare by Russia and Islamist terrorists with more positive messaging, awareness raising, and education in information literacy” – along with adopting “stronger counter measures.”

The current debate follows shameless anti-Russia accusations made in the document discussed above.

Saying EU nations face “growing pressure from disinformation (from Russia and other countries, along with) non-state actors like ISIS” and other terrorist groups, as well as legitimate news sources like RT and Sputnik News, “challeng(ing) democratic values and (serving to) divide Europe” is pure nonsense.

Russia threatens no one. Western media scoundrels lack legitimacy. RT and Sputnik News represent what good journalism is supposed to be.

America and its EU allies support ISIS and other terrorist groups, using its fighters as imperial foot soldiers, ignoring their atrocities.

Deplorable Cold War mentality persists. It remains to be seen if Trump intends changing things or continuing dirty business as usual. A lot rides on his geopolitical intentions.

A Final Comment

Commenting on EU policies toward Russia, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “(i)t is difficult to make conclusions on pre-election statements.”

“What is more important is manifestation of those intentions the current government is already trying to implement. So far one cannot speak about changing trends in the policy of the current heads of the European countries. There are still many issues which can be solved and which are difficult to solve.”

“So far we see that the current leaders are incapable of solving those problems, which could be solved in the near future, by using equitable dialogue and taking into account interests of each other.”

“(W)e have serious disagreements but we should not block the development of our relations in those areas where they are possible, where it is necessary in the interests of people of our countries.”

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