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I can think of perhaps one good thing the Nation has done in the last 10 years. (Self-serving, I know). Right now they have a forum entitled “reimagining capitalism,” and carried out a fishing expedition entitled, “Imagine you have the ability to reinvent American capitalism: Where would you start?” Of course, there’s only one answer:  if I had the “ability” to reinvent American capitalism I’d have to give myself a lobotomy before I did any more damage.

A starker example of the Nation’s current politics could not be clearer: a think tank for re-entrenching the capitalist system. No thank you! Meanwhile the editors are giving tactical advice to our mass-murderer president, Obama, to ensure his re-election, which he can “achieve…by demonstrating concretely whose side he is on.” I guess if I gave myself a lobotomy I’d just be joining the club.

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