NY: Zionist propaganda 

The New York Times is unwilling to make clear for its readers that East Jerusalem is part of the West Bank, which Israel has occupied militarily since 1967.

On 24 August, Dana Rubinstein and Emma G. Fitzsimmons, with Jerusalem bureau chief Patrick Kingsley contributing reporting, wrote that New York City Mayor Eric Adams “made no attempt to visit the Palestinian territories” – the term the newspaper uses for the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

That “no attempt” claim is a false statement.

Mayor Adams visited East Jerusalem as the mayor’s own tweets visually displayed.

A photograph accompanying the article in The New York Times also made clear Adams spent time in occupied East Jerusalem.

But the caption for that photograph confused matters for readers, stating, “Mayor Eric Adams included several spiritual stops during his trip to Israel, including a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.”

The phrasing conveys that all of Jerusalem is in Israel and that the Western Wall, which is in occupied East Jerusalem, is as well.

Under international law, no part of Jerusalem is considered part of Israel, including West Jerusalem. Zionist militias forced out of West Jerusalem some 10,000 Palestinian families in 1948 and took de facto control of that part of the city. Today, those Palestinians and their children face a dual system of law that prevents their return, even as Israeli settlers use discriminatory Israeli law in an effort to move into the homes of Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem.

The vast majority of countries and the UN Security Council do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The United States and a tiny number of other countries that have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital are the isolated outliers from this long-standing international consensus.

Immediately after Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967, its forces expelled hundreds of Palestinians from the Moroccan Quarter to make way for the Western Wall Plaza, a fact the newspaper doesn’t raise.

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From “The New York Times, a cheerleader for the Nazi entity and its crimes” by Michael F. Brown. Read the full article at electronicintifada.net.

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