الجيش يقصف مقراً للإرهابيين بحي الوعر ويواصل عملياته البرية في ريف حمص

SUWAYDAA:  This province has not seen much action probably due to a traditional fear combatants have of dragging Druze fighters into any existential conflict.  The Druze have a reputation for being ferocious in battle due to their belief in reincarnation which guarantees all their warriors a return to the wombs of their mothers after earthly death.  They have no interest in martyrdom, but, once their families are threatened, they combine together to form a wall of stubborn resistance that has become legendary.

Enter Nusra.  Yesterday, in an effort to fool the SAA, Nusra tried to move a convoy out of Jordan through Suwaydaa.  But, the Druze (Muwahhidoon) are uniformly pro-government.  They certainly could never coexist with Wahhabist derelicts and cannibals.  They immediately provided the coordinates for the movement of a large caravan of pickups with 23mm cannons.  The SAA was quick to set up artillery vectored at the axis of Al-‘Alaali/Al-Mudawwara/Al-Shawmara.  The scene is described by reports as “hallucinogenic” with rat carcasses flying up in the air like popcorn in a popper, their vehicles seemingly transformed into chariots with radiant plumes of fire and, of course, the cacophonic squealing of rats as they receive their first baptism in a temporal Hell as a prelude to the eternal confirmation with Mephistopheles.



Al-Wa’er:  We have been telling all of you about the ethnic character of the reptiles still left in this quarter of Homs.  They are mostly, if not all, non-Syrian, and while the indigenous killers have either surrendered or taken the express to other more amenable parts of the country, these Nusra Wahhabists are determined to fight on in the face of hopeless odds.  At Al-Mool Al-Azraq, (The Blue Mall),  the SAA atomized a Command-and-Control center acting as the supreme HQ for the huddled microbes here.  As the artillery fire intensified, MI could hear the cringing vermin shouting epithets in Russian at “commanders” elsewhere in the Houlaa vowing to exact vengeance for their abandonment.  There is no way to know how many were killed or wounded; what we do know is they have no way to treat their wounded cannibals as all medicine has run out.  It’s surrender or die.  Preferably the latter.

Fighting continuing in Kafr Laahaa, Taldu, Al-Naassiriyya.

Ruhoom and ‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  ISIS losing every battle.  No more details about on-going combat.

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