On deaf ears: Obama`s message to Israel

Robert Grenier – Aljazeera – Late May`s extraordinary sequence of speeches and meetings involving Obama and Netanyahu did not make for an edifying interlude. We saw brash, unapologetic chauvinism from Netanyahu, an outright refusal of moral leadership from Obama, and acts of political cowardice and opportunism from the US Congress. That is not to say that the week`s display was not useful. Now, more clearly than ever, we can see the future.

Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy speaks out about the need to give peace a push

Leonard Nimoy – peacenow.org – I reach out to you as someone who is troubled to see the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continue apparently without an end in sight. In fact, there is an end in sight.

West Bank mosque targeted in suspected `price tag` attack by settlers

Chaim Levinson – Haaretz – The Peace Now movement responded by calling for more decisive actions against violent settlers. “The Shin Bet security service and the police must uproot the `hill youth` phenomenon,” it said. bz

Protest organizer to military court: We fight for freedom & dignity

Joseph Dana – +972 magazine – At the start of his trial for having organized (unarmed) demonstrations at Nabi Saleh, Bassem Tamimi red out a statement to the court. The judge refused to have it entered on the official record, letting the stenographer put in instead a short summary in her own words. Tamimi`s full statement is published here. ak

Revealed: the untold story of the deal that shocked the Middle East

Robert Fisk – The Independent – Secret meetings between Palestinian intermediaries, Egyptian intelligence officials, the Turkish foreign minister, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal resulted in an agreement that is crucial to the Paslestinian demand for a state. The Independent has copies of a series of detailed letters, accepted by all sides.

Turkish Foreign Minister: flotilla organizers should wait and see new Gaza conditions

English-language site of Turkish daily “Today`s Zaman” – DavutoִŸlu reiterated the government cannot stop the activities of a civilian group, saying it is supported by a number of international organizations and that its work is legal. But he said the flotilla should this time wait to see how conditions in Gaza will change with Egypt lifting its embargo and the anticipated establishment of a Palestinian unity government. bz

Cosmetics firm LUSH endorses `Freedom for Palestine` (including link to the song)

Ali Abunimah – Electronic Intifada – In an appeal in the ג€œEthical Campaignsג€ section on its website, the company says: ג€œThe catastrophe facing the Palestinian people is one of the defining global justice issues of our timeג€ (…) ג€œIf OneWorld are successful at getting the song in the charts, the mainstream media will find it hard to ignore it or censor its message.ג€

Coldplay removes `Freedom for Palestine` link

Or Barnea – Ynet – Coldplay in retreat? The British band created an online commotion last week when it posted a link to the song “Freedom for Palestine” on its official Facebook page.

We must help Vanunu live in peace

Duncan Campbell – guardian.co.uk – Indeed, no one ג€“ unless they are completely ignorant of the case ג€“ genuinely believes that he has any secrets up his sleeve. He is refused permission to leave the country not for security reasons but as a further penalty, a punishment for coming out of prison as committed to his non-violent, anti-nuclear-weaponry principles as when he went in. bz

Do The American People Support the `Special Relationship?`

Stephen M. Walt – Foreign Policy – If Americans were exposed to a more open discourse — such as the discourse that prevails in Europe or in Israel itself — Israel`s favorable image would almost certainly decrease (though by no means disappear). bz

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