No Sense of Proportion


1. Israel-Firster (really Israel-Onlyer) Eric Cantor (Likud, VA) is at it again.  He wants, and this is in violation of the NPT agreement Iran has signed, to make it impossible for Iran to ever enrich uranium at all.  This position is absurd and Iran will never agree to it which is why Cantor wants it. He wants Americans to fight more wars for Israel.
Cantor should be in jail with Pollard – or better yet – with Al Ames and his ilk. Pollard got off easily being where he is. Fuck the whole lot of them. All of them.
Cantor was also involved (as the principal player in my view) in the government shutdown and is rabidly against Obamacare (yes it sucks let’s make it better) and anyone who isn’t rich (and preferably Israeli). There’s a message here folks. Start thinking. He has no sense of proportion.
2. Okay goys and girls, what do these 47 names have in common? Shas Party members get three guesses, Iranians 1 guess, Americans 4 guesses.
Pic 1
Pic 2
That’s right goys and girls, these are the 47 Senators who have just signed up for AIPAC’s latest  intervention into US governance.  Jim Lobe has a excellent report on the story here.
Essentially this is the Senate version of the insanity treason proposal Cantor has announced he wants to sponsor in the House.  Lobe points out one very interesting thing about this list which no doubt is soon to become longer.  It turns out that most of the $enators on it are not publicizing the fact that they are cosponsors of this AIPAC legislation.  Maybe it’s because Americans are starting to wise up. Let your traitor on Capital Hill know how you feel. Give him or her a call.  The act, by the way, is the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. When the title of that act is translated through Mantiq al-Tayr’s great invention, the Tafsiranator – the act is actually called “Americans Must Die in More Wars for Israel Act”. (AMDIMWFIA).  Happy dying.
3. I don’t know about you all, but I sure do enjoy boycotting Israeli-made products and telling other people to do so. Here’s another product we can start boycotting soon. Israeli Hootch.
4. That wonderful ASA vote is driving the Israel-firsters nuts.  Click on the link and enjoy their frustration.
5. Israel’s next war will be in Lebanon. Israelis are always looking for excuses to start more wars. In that sense Israel does have something in common with the US.
6. And from the same sane insane on line paper we learn that Palestinians are worse than Nazis and thus the “failure” of the peace process is their fault. This guy should be writing for the New York Times.
7. And last but not least, I feel this urge to poke fun yet again and our Canadian brothers and sisters. Canadian, and I use that term loosely, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as I reported some time ago, was the featured speaker at the Jewish National Fund’s annual “Negev Dinner” (you know, the Negev where Israel is kicking out Arabs faster than a nutribullet rips up seeds).  One wonders if Toronto has ever seen a sadder night. During this event Harper thoroughly disgraced the people of Canada with his masterful obsequiousness. Or to put it another way:
“JNF Canada Chief Executive Officer, Josh Cooper declared the Canadian Prime Minister “raised the bar of what is considered to be a true friend of Israel.
Talk about having no sense of proportion.
To read about the crimes of the Jewish National Fund go here and here.
Harper flies to Israel on January 19th. Hope he stays there.
8. Okay folks, it’s video time.
I’m sure if these children were future Israel IDF terrorists being trained to murder Palestinians they could have stayed in Cantor’s office all day singing Hatikvah.
Zionism sucks.
Here’s Chanadian Slime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech at the JNF Negev Dinner.

Zionism sucks
And, OMG, here’s the Slime Minister singing at the JNF Negev Dinner. Scroll past the six-minute mark so you don’t have to hear his fucking speech again.

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